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How to Earn Money from Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad

Are you looking forward to Earn Money from Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad???

Digital Marketing is an abstract term and it entails a lot of activities to attract customers and generate sales online. However it does not mean that you should perfect all. You can make use of some from them to earn money even as a freelancer at home. Some of them are mentioned below.

Search Engine Optimization as a highly demanded skill in our Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad

There is a trend of acquiring SEO Courses in Islamabad and in fact all over the world. With more than half of all online shopping starts with a search engine query, SEO means a neck throat competition among brands. This means you can take advantage of acquiring SEO Skills and then later earn money from both online and local SEO projects. You will learn long tail keyword research, link building, blog posting, competitor analysis, traffic analysis and reporting, WordPress Content Management System, Google Analytics etc.


Pay Per Click/Google Adwords as another from our Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad

Pay-per-click advertising is another great way of driving instant traffic to a web portal, but if not optimized properly it will cost you. So there is a demand for not setting up PPC campaign but also to optimize it. Why not you master this as a preferred Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad. You will learn PPC campaign strategy and set up, bidding and budget allocation, analytics and ROI reporting etc.

Social Media Marketing another segment from our Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad

With 90+% of youth following social media, it’s crucial for online businesses to accumulate social audiences via aspects like community growth, social media engaging post creation, viral marketing, social analysis, social bookmarking etc.

With us a your trainer for one of the advanced and contemporary Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad build yourself as a money making machine

We offer Flexible Timing Slabs e.g. 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM OR  3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

5 Weekdays.   40 Credit Hours in all for One Month plus

an Opportunity to be part of a Software House Working Environment & most importantly turn yourself into a Money Making Machine via taking our Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad



Top Web & Graphic Design Tools 2019

Almost every business entrepreneur or creative web designers are eager to get things accomplished in a day. They are looking to find ways and means to make things happen in no time and with convenience. So they take advantage of best web and graphic design tools 2019 for stylizing and a great visual communication. Following are some of the top web and graphic design tools 2019 in this spectrum.

Adobe Photoshop

Perhaps one of the software aimed to compliment your artistic style. You can use it with confidence for both print and digital with countless of options, tools, and settings to teak with. You can develop artwork based off your drawings, speed up your design process and most importantly utilize it with other adobe set of suites.

Adobe Illustrator

Consider this web and graphic design tools 2019 as an elder child from the Adobe family in terms of its role. It is significant for branding as maximum of the logo designing is done using this tool. And most importantly the concept of pixelated images are no more. As it uses mathematical drawing and vector based graphics so one can scale images as per desire. Not every designer can perfect this one from web and graphic design tools 2019 as its style of play is different as that of Adobe Photoshop.

Sublime Text Editor

Perhaps more geared towards web development in contrast to web and graphic design tools 2019 explained above the Sublime text editor is for minimalist coders. It gives ability to focus completely on your code with powerful shortcuts and tools to leap about a document, filter the file, and quickly make quick fixes.


One of the online web and graphic design tools 2019 which gives ability to select right color combinations for web design layouts via color scheme generator. It is also used by marketers for generating online web advertising graphics.

If you are interested to see the work wonders of these web and graphic design tools 2019 for your business then follow dedicated page for Graphic Designing in Islamabad.

Php Frameworks 2018 Trend

PHP is regarded as a best scripting language for an agile web development. If you are well versed in Php you should definitely adopt php frameworks 2018 trends for a creating a well-organized, reusable and maintainable code.

Though in terms of back-end development, there are a plenty of scripting languages one can opt for but Php is clearly stealing the show in this spectrum as no one can surpass it especially after its adoption for Model-View-Controller pattern to separate presentation and logic. Its Object-Orient programming support is also is one of its core benefit.

Laravel as Modern Php Frameworks 2018 Trend

Laravel is by far one of the most acknowledged and comparatively latest PHP framework out there with an ecosystem that make web application development faster and easier. Its engine Blade supports repetitive tasks such as caching, authentication, routing, queuing etc. Php developers love hassle-free development via laravel.


Symfony is another from php frameworks 2018 trends empowering web developers with code reusability. Even for large scale and enterprise development it comes into play with positive outcomes. Many content management systems like Drupal, OROCRM are banked upon symphony.  Its reusable PHP libraries facilitates you with form creation, object configuration, authentication etc. The Composer PHP dependency manager can be used for symphony components installation.

Codeigniter as light weight Php Frameworks 2018 Trend

With concentration towards a lightweight PHP framework Codeigniter is not new in business. In fact it is a decade old with a straightforward installation process and minimum configuration setting. Though it models and views are optional, but controller classes are mandatory. Its strength is speed even in data base processing tasks. Due to its well documented nature it is a good framework for newbies to work with.

Zend among Php Frameworks 2018 Trends

Zend is a robust and stable PHP framework aimed for complex web application development projects.

These are some of the php frameworks 2018 trends and limelight. If you are interested in Php Application Development and Training then follow our respective link for Php Training in Islamabad.

Islamabad Software House Jobs

Before delving into any of the Islamabad Software House Jobs and associated roles and responsibilities let’s clarify what the term software house stands for. A software house is a firm who deals in design and development of various forms of software, related technologies, its distribution, and maintenance. Software house in Islamabad can be engaged in multidisciplinary tasks related to both software design and development along with its marketing.

Top Islamabad Software House Jobs

We all know that any software house Islamabad is run by a CEO, entrepreneur or an owner in simple terms who inhibit a set of both soft and technical skills e.g. management skills plus coding, design, development skills etc. Some of the software house in Pakistan have employed sub-teams as per different time zones so that they can operate as a 24-hour company in a quest to perform outsourcing functions too. Also it is noteworthy to mention that software test team can be doing tasks with an 8 hour time zone difference to the software development team who will definitely remove and fix bugs identified by testing team. A professional software house in Islamabad comprises the following job roles for the professionals working under its banner.

System Analysts: Professionals who perform software and system analysis to translate business requirements properly into the software product.

Application Developers: Can be employed by any Islamabad Software House for web application development, mobile application development, or any other desktop software application development. These guys are perfect in programming and coding along with software solution development.

Software Testing, Quality Assurance: These are the folks whose job is to find bugs in the currently developed or developing web, software product.

Web Marketing Job: Another Islamabad Software House Jobs done by professionals is to market e-commerce, business website or web solutions for increasing and audience reach. SEO Experts and Web Content Writers are sub teams in this spectrum.

These are some of the Islamabad Software house Jobs for which professionals are engaged and employed by Top Software House in Islamabad.

Job of SEO Expert in Islamabad

Before delving into the job of SEO Expert in Islamabad first let’s grab essence who is the Search Engine Optimization Expert. He is a professional who has a thorough understanding of online, search engine marketing that can be beneficial to clients. Right from current web marketing trends to techniques and tools that will improvise client’s online presence on search engine result pages (SERPs) are aspects fall into job of SEO Expert Islamabad. However, many folks think that SEO is a onetime task that is a wrong myth. SEO Expert Jobs means a repetitive process which requires calculated efforts and resource for achieving success.

Must to-dos, Job of SEO Expert Islamabad

  • He should know both on-page optimization and off-page optimization.
  • He is responsible for analyzing client’s business requirements and devising marketing plan in lieu with it.
  • Job of SEO Expert in Islamabad is also not to compromise allocated for digital marketing campaign.
  • Ensure privacy of personal and confidential data of client in social media.
  • Choose search engine friendly domain name, URLs, Meta tags.
  • One of the most important Job of SEO Expert Islamabad is to find potential keyword phrases with less competition and high searches.
  • Modify or make changes in design, content and navigation for both bots and users.
    Using link building strategies to generate in-bound traffic.
  • SEO Specialist skills means keep yourself up-to-date with the latest SEO trends, especially updates in Google’s Algorithm.
  • Curate content for blog pages, perform article submission to directories with high domain authority.
  • Another vital Job of SEO Expert Islamabad is to perform web analytics for the sake of tracking and monitoring performance of campaigns. In case if improvisation may require then he will take necessary steps.
  • Aspects like XML and HTML sitemap generation, broken links etc.
  • Write catchy headlines and attractive content to grab viewer’s attention.
  • Must own expertise of Content Management System especially WordPress.

These are some of the prime Job of SEO Expert in Islamabad that must be accomplished for the success of web marketing campaigns.


Looking forward to hire an SEO expert in Islamabad for increasing your business audience and reach. If yes then navigate to our SEO Expert Services page and later follow our portfolio too in this spectrum.

Top IT Training in Islamabad Pakistan

Looking for Top IT Training in Islamabad for your employees or fresh graduates currently inducted or even interns then you have stepped into the right pane as Solutions Player is offering professional IT Training in Islamabad Pakistan in its various disciplines. Our training are not oriented in a manner to imitate traditional whiteboard activities. We are by ourselves a top software house in Islamabad and our training are reflection of practical tasks and activities required for the respective domains. Let walk through the courses offered by us as part of our compendium of IT Training in Islamabad Pakistan.

Web Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan

One of the basic and most vital for any newbie computer science professional who want to delve into the world of web programming. Our Web Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan is also synonymous to our Professional Php Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan. It is one of the rudimentary course offered as part of our IT Training in Islamabad Pakistan.

Android App Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan

If you are looking forward to develop a killer mobile application then this is best fit for you. You cannot develop apps for android but also later monetize them on the long run for your business benefits. You will get some hands-on experience with xml and Java through our Android App Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan. This is one of our most demanded from the IT Training in Islamabad Pakistan compendium.

iOS App Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan

This course has its own niche. If you want to develop for ipads or iphones then this is for you. You will get hands-on experience of Objective-C and Swift and languages.  iOS App Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan requires brings will add a new dimension into your exposure to programming. We recommend you to target it as part of your niche marketing weapon.

We also more IT training courses like SEO, Web Marketing etc.

To know more check our link for IT Training in Islamabad Pakistan.

Benefits of becoming a Top Pakistani SEO Expert

Are you interested in increase business reach of your clientele, rock them in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and generate more sales and revenue for them? Then you need to be a top Pakistani SEO Expert who is a professionals who not only knows how SEO works but also know the art of implementing and executing knowledge.

Benefits of becoming a Top Pakistani SEO Expert

You can increase audience and drive traffic towards your business website. You can create brand awareness regarding your services or your client’s business.

Not need to rely on outsourcing SEO Firms

If you may attain skillset to a top Pakistani SEO Expert and develop in-house SEO skills then you hardly require any external support for SEO. Self-reliance means confidence.

Cut-off Unnecessary Costs

As a top Pakistani SEO Expert you will surely cut off the unnecessary costs required to reach targeted audience physically.  In case of being a solo entrepreneur or blogger you will not be requiring any SEO services in Pakistan to hire for.

A must skillset for a Digital Marketing Manager

If you are working as a digital marketing manager being well-versed with SEO will not only give you competitive edge over other colleagues but also gives ability to use this mandatory skillset for various activities related to your job.

Get familiar with the science of search engines

Becoming a Top Pakistani SEO Expert means you will get familiar with the anatomy of search engines. This also means you will tweak your search queries and website content to your business potential.

Introduction to Search Engine and Social Media Marketing

As a top a Top Pakistani SEO Expert you will get your hands dirty on search engine and social media marketing apart from core SEO skills.

Chance of getting SEO Training

Once you start learning SEO, you will definitely look for getting SEO Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan with practical intent. You will get hands on experience plus certificate too.

These are the benefits of becoming a Top SEO Expert in Pakistan.

Top Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad

Solutionsplayer.com is offering top Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad. Our quest is to transfer skills which can come handy for students who are recently graduated from universities and are looking forward for potential job opportunities. However the current market is competitive and majority of firm only hire those professionals who not only possess qualification but hands-on experience of projects. That is why we are into the provision at nominal fees, rates.

Our Best Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad Comprises:

Core SEO

First of all we will introduce you with core search engine optimization skills. These SEO skills are mandatory and will develop the most important and versatile tactic e.g. keyword research. It is all about finding potential phrases, queries which are searched by web users and are in semi mediocre level in terms of competition. It means we will check the level of competition e.g. how many web pages have already optimized them. We will later develop SEO content writing skills in you. This core set of skills will come handy in every type of marketing you will later do e.g. Social Media Marketing, Advertising Campaign PPC etc. as almost every marketing activity revolves around keywords. In fact our Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad is almost identical to our SEO Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan.

Social Media Marketing

We will also introduce you up with social media marketing especially LinkedIn and twitter marketing tactics. Though you will also get well versed with blog content creation and social bookmarking techniques in parallel. Twitter can come handy for generating a viral marketing effect. That is why we have incorporated this small but tricky social media platform in our Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad.

Web Content Management System CMS

In the world of internet marketing nothing is complete without WordPress a web content management system for creating blogs and SEO content creation. We will introduce you with its installation and necessary plugin for doing SEO. You will get capable enough to master this domain as per your own interest and efforts after our introduction.

Web Analytics and PPC Campaign

Your web marketing efforts also requires to be tracked and monitored. We will introduce you with web analytics in this spectrum in our Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad. Though PPC campaign and advertising is by itself another subset however we will introduce you with it so that you can later delve deeper and bigger on your own easily.

Why us?

Because we are by ourselves an accomplished internet marketing services Islamabad. We do not provide white board training like institutes or academies.  We deliver hands on experience to our enrolled professionals. Check our own rankings in Google and our Internet Marketing Services in Islamabad page along with portfolio.

Benefits of Hiring SEO Services Islamabad

Are you looking forward for hiring a best SEO Services in Islamabad? If so, you’re also wondering about what are the potentialities for your business attributed to the hire in contrast to doing SEO in-house.

As a top SEO firm in Islamabad we know the hidden potentialities of this domain. Apparently benefits are not visible instantly but in the long run, the benefits associated to hiring a top SEO services Islamabad outweighs the savings doing in house. Following are some explained below.

Website Improvisation, the best shot of any of SEO Services in Islamabad

Majority of time doing SEO means revamping the website architecture or information flow or layout in simple terms. This is essential to make it both user and search engine friendly so that website pages can obtain top spot in search engine results pages (or SERPs) against targeted keywords. A top SEO services in Islamabad also take into account factors like page speed, image optimization for quicker page loads apart from page content relevance. These steps increase overall visibility of online businesses creating prospects for reaching potential customers while negating the requirement to spend on traditional marketing.

Experience and Exposure

The best aspect of hiring a leading SEO services Islamabad is that it is already exposed to different scenarios. As it owns a diverse portfolio and doing for different clientele they certainly know the requirements in advance and is already well versed with different SEO cases.  Top SEO companies in Islamabad certainly have the expertise on the board to make smart decisions for your website and business domain. Hiring already experienced SEO Services in Islamabad with credible portfolio ensures that their professionals can withstand unexpected changes or evolving algorithmic updates with counter measures.

Opportunity for Collaboration or Training

Being a business there is nothing comparable to work jointly with another domain and learn from them. The collaboration with any of the top SEO Services Islamabad means you can learn from them indirectly.

We also offers SEO Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan to firms so that they can learn from us and do the basic stuff by them. As an authentic SEO Services in Islamabad and Dexter of our domain we teach core SEO techniques, internet marketing and basic tactics in our mandatory SEO Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan to web masters of business entities so that they can benefit from us on long. We want our clients to stand on strong foundations.

Do not forget to check our SEO Services Islamabad page to know more about this competitive domain and so forth portfolio. We welcome you on the board.

Characteristics of a Top Marketing Company in Islamabad

Following are some of the features that should be inhibited by a top marketing company in Islamabad.


It refers to the fact that the firm should distinguish b/w public and confidential especially those of clients. This is a key factor in building credentials and trust for a client. When a top marketing company in Islamabad is clear about the data sharing or publicity or access to information then this means one can opt for it.

Integrated Business Process

Some marketing firms are generalists where folks have to play their role as per requirements and comprise multitude of skills. However a top marketing company in Islamabad should own specialists instead of jack of all trades. This also means that their processes will be integrated e.g. SEO professionals will be in sync with both writers and graphic designers to bring a more composite and sound solution instead of just playing their own part and leave things for good. This also gives opportunity to writers and graphic designers to create a SEO friendly content and add to their own portfolio too.

Man of words

A top marketing company in Islamabad should act like a man of words e.g. deliver as per their statement. There is a hell of difference between planning and execution. Anybody can plan but professionals execute too. A top marketing company in Islamabad always display its executions in the form of portfolio. Do not forget to check it before.

Consistently Evolves

Marketing especially in this digital age in a digital form means changes. Professionals of a top marketing company in Islamabad always stay abreast with the changes in their industry. In fact they are so adaptable that they never hesitate to give feedback to clients and address their queries. They employ topnotch tools of the trade, technologies and frameworks of the day to compete for their dominance.

Do what they are capable of

Trustworthy and top marketing company in Islamabad always do what they are meant to be. They should be selective in terms of their projects or assigned work. This should not be considered as an oblivion but a good trait of a firm that they can distinguish the work. A top marketing company in Islamabad should be focused, specific and selective.

Accountability and Report

An authentic and credible firm from any domain always report and consider itself as accountable to justify client’s money. Verbal discussions meant nothing. Everything related to a project should always be documented and put into order. The trend of data and web analytics has further eased processes in this spectrum.

These are the characteristics of a top marketing company in Islamabad. We always abide by too. Follow us as your preferred Marketing Company in Islamabad.