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SDG Goals Targets and Indicators System MIS Software Development in Pakistan

SDG Goals Targets and Indicators System MIS Software Development in Pakistan means furnishing management information system around this prestigious UNO agenda with emphasis on meeting the essential requirements of the present generation without putting to test the future generations to struggle for their own needs. SDG Goals Targets and Indicators System MIS Software Development is aimed to management to facilitate with information which will later help them in coordinating efforts towards building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for both the human being and the planet.

It is noteworthy to mention that SDG Goals Targets and Indicators System MIS Software Development is vital to sync three core elements: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection related information. Because these elements are interlinked and all are crucial for the benefit of mankind and its social spheres.
The system will help management and all stakeholders in eliminating poverty in all its all forms and shapes, develop potential opportunities for all, reducing discrimination, inequalities. The SDG Goals Targets and Indicators System MIS Software Development will indirectly raise basic standards of living and facilitate management of natural resources and ecosystems through effective data collection, reporting and analysis.

The SDG Goals Targets and Indicators System MIS Software Development is a standard to achieve a desired future for all generations. The Goals are interlinked interconnect and are in chronological in order to leave no one as incomplete behind. The SDG Goals Targets and Indicators System MIS Software Development in Pakistan means make use of information to accomplish these 7 objectives by 2030.

The SDG Goals Targets and Indicators System MIS Software Development in Pakistan will play around the following dimensions, metrics and segments.

  • Factors for no poverty
  • Factors for Zero Hunger
  • Good Health and Well being Factors
  • Quality Education
  • Dimension for Gender Equality
  • Clean Water and Sanitation Factors
  • Clean and Affordable Energy
  • Factors for Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Industrial Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Factors to reduce inequalities
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Factors for Climate Action
  • Life below water
  • Life on land
  • Peace justice and strong institutions
  • Partnerships for the goals

We as a responsible and preferred SDG Goals Targets and Indicators System MIS Software Development in Pakistan are currently implementing MIS with success to help various NGOs and Non-profit organizations for the said cause.

Web Development Wizard

Many people who want to earn online believe that all they need to do is to put and advertise a web site online. That couldn’t be the reality. The fact is developing an online business empire takes a great deal of time, brainstorming and effort. It also takes a lot of composure, and a personal dedication. You should be a web development wizard.
There is a lot to learn if you want to be a successful web development wizard, and you will be having a lot of hurdles on the way. However, if you’re truly sincere about your business and you really want to evolve, you will overcome all those obstacles as a true web development wizard.
The most important part is the amount of time you are willing to dedicate in this spectrum. Please do consider this point because it can make or break. Learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a must if you want to be a web development wizard, however, if you are tired of reading how-to guides written in jargons by someone who has no real idea about the industry, and then we recommend you to follow web development courses offered not only by a credible training institute but a top firm for web development in Islamabad Pakistan.
Please don’t take it wrong, if you’re a true web development wizard and you’re designing either personal or a commercial web site, then benefit from professional web development courses under supervision of a true web developer instead of a mere trainer.
Being a web development wizard means you will reign online systems. You can even scrap and make use of web data for your business benefit. Proficiency in it also means you can create online games, web apps, advertising channels, e-commerce websites or any other online presence or business. A web development wizard should be a good web programmer. He should know both front end and back end web technologies.

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Online Management Information Systems for Business Success

Planning for business success often raises a question and that is how business information collected should be managed. Smart businesses with an intelligent online management information systems in place provide senior management with all the necessary documents and files in any format on the go that can be constantly and easily reviewed. The businesses should be capable to create new rules for communication and information via these effective online management information systems and emails carry links not attachments. Redundant data is the issue of the past and is now no more with the advent of these online management information systems.

Now hard copies and other media are recorded, labelled and stored in the same manner with archiving policy in place and most importantly reporting tools to senior manager for decision making. These online management information systems can provide them with data analytics and data visualizing tools which the can filter and present across multiple dimensions with numerous metrics in place.

Online Management Information Systems in abstract are the systems that gives stakeholders with information relating to organizational operation and to support them in decision making process. Online Management Information Systems creates an effective blend of people, technology and information for the business advantage.
These systems comprises modules for performing transactions of recurring nature which are quite handy in customer’s account management and departmental markets to track and monitor sales and inventory stock.
In terms of decision making the online management information systems banks upon Database Management Systems to store large amount of data in a systematic manner and later perform complex operations. Do not worry these online management information systems have a user friendly interface and can be handled by a common man.
With the rise of expert systems the online management information systems make use human expertise to make decisions based on the gathered information. They copy the ability of making decisions like an expert of a respective domain. In fact these online management information systems can act as a virtual trainers for specific domain learning.

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Mobile Apps Development Explained

Mobile apps development is in high demand. After all, the use of cellphones and internet is growing by the day and is unlikely to slow down. If you do not embrace this technology you are going to be missing out a potential opportunity. Having a mobile app can do wonders for your business. You can reach a huge number of audience and you can increase your level of sales as well. Keeping this in regard, read on to discover some of the options that are at your disposal when it comes to the Mobile app development.

First you need to think about what platform you are going to target e.g. iOS or Google’s Android. In case of mobile apps development for Android, Java should be your first choice. On the other hand, Objective-C is meant for iOS.  For hybrid mobile app development HTML5 should be your choice.

In case of native mobile apps development you will take advantage of built in components like chipset and camera for your mobile apps development. Fastest graphics means fast refreshing and using a lot of data within mobile app. Native mobile app development also means potential UI benefits, such as multi touch, and fluid animation for a better mobile gaming experience.

In case of Html5 mobile apps development you should be proficient in CSS and JavaScript as well to take advantage on multiple platforms. However, the downside of Html5 mobile app development is that you will be having only partial capability. The secure offline storage and session management will also be trade offed in case of Html5 mobile app development which are not well segmented as a native keychain encryption.

There is also a Hybrid mobile apps development in the picture sometimes considered as a best option which blends the benefits of HTML5 mobile apps development and native mobile apps development. This will give you opportunity not only to be accessible multiple platforms, but you will benefit from full native platform features and so forth functionality and capability.

Hopefully you have so far got the better understanding of the differences between the three mobile apps development options. Choosing a single one all depends upon your capability and context and off course your app goals.

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Skyscraper Link building Techniques

With these skyscraper link building techniques, you can have the online fame you’ve been dreaming of for your site. In all SEO strategies, attaining back links to your material is vital as it serves as a key from the material to your main website. It is what web users would click to learn more about your campaign.

That is why skyscraper link building techniques should be employed on your website to drive traffic. With this comes these skyscraper link building techniques for a successful search engine optimization campaign.

Create Link Wheel as it leverage exposure of material because it enables you to make use of popular sites in featuring your content. Such sites are interlinked so you can generate traffic on one and at the same be featured on the others thus providing more chances of generating traffic.

Performing Directory Submission is also beneficial as they feature your material based on the relevant search initiated by an online user. You can venture to article marketing or video marketing where you can promote your business with the use your preferred medium.

Article Submission means your content will be classified based on the keywords used in the title as well as the article content or video description. Don’t forget to include your link on the content you’ve developed.

Blogs Syndication also helps you with the campaign. By establishing a credible repute on many blogs, you will soon build a pool of blog connections where you can feature each other’s credible links, blogs, websites, and useful web content.

Also make sure that the blog network you’ve established is relevant to your business so you can access your targeted audience. Also, keep your blog up to date to have a reasonable amount of readers.

Make use of social bookmarking techniques as part of a skyscraper link building technique to access users tagged posts, links, or websites as contributions to the content.

Forum Postings and discussion boards give you opportunity to share your expertise by posting on threads relevant to your business and build varied connections with other users. By consistent posting, you can build a good reputation for your business website, giving you an authority on dealing with particular topics.

Another skyscraper link building technique is to include links so that visitors can walk through your website with ease.

Social Media Marketing and utilizing related websites is another skyscraper link building technique for you’re an effective content promotion. Do not forget to follow the site’s terms and conditions to avoid account suspension and even termination.

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SEO and Social Media Marketing as a powerful Blend

Have you ever thought about how social media leverage SEO or vice versa? If not, start thinking about the blend of SEO and social media marketing. Both channels seems to be bit different marketing channels, but they complement each other if used in an appropriate way. Let’s crack SEO and social media marketing fusion.

First, let’s see what SEO is? It is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of web audience through organic search engine results as per relevance to the search terms. If your website, blog, web application is on a search engine’s first results page then this means you are going good in terms of search engine optimization and social media marketing should be your next step.

These two marketing tactics mingle with each other in the sense that you also have to design, develop and produce quality content on all the prominent social media channels. Thus quality over quantity comes into play. Producing relevant content in lieu with your targeted audience should be your main objective. It will lead you towards getting dedicated followers from your targeted demographic. The key for creating a good SEO and social media marketing blend is to craft your social posts across channels, and make sure that they are optimized for searches as well. Your postings should be based keyword research you have done with relevant image, a link to your website and engaging content that clearly communicates necessary information to your followers.

The second part of creating a good SEO and social media marketing blend is to make sure that your content is being shared. If you may observe that your content is being shared then you certainly have hit the mark. Shares, likes, retweets, and so on, are all vital to prove credibility of your content to search engines and gain a social proof which comes handy to demonstrate that people trust your brand and it’s you are sending out. The conclusion here is that all of the quality content should be easily shareable. The key here for SEO and social media marketing blend is to have social sharing buttons on content and links to all of your social media channels and keep your branding and its message uniform.

Consider this combo of SEO and Social Media Marketing as a power duo to bring more qualified traffic to your website via social channels so that people will be able to find you faster and easier.

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MIS Development in Pakistan for NGO

It’s mandatory for modern day businesses to invest in management information systems. E-Commerce firms like eBay, Google and Amazon will simply perish without employing management information systems. Service industries like finance, real estate, insurance, education, medicine and travel will cannot operate if not provided with information systems. Same is the case for NGOs. Keeping this in regard there is a rise in MIS Development in Pakistan for NGO.

Sky scrapper buildings with elevators, offices, and telephones were used to be determinant of the foundation of business in 20th century but information technology can single handedly determine the success or failure of a firm of 21st century. It’s not possible for a firm or even NGO to implement strategies and achieve goals without employing MIS Development in Pakistan for NGO. They invest for MIS in order to attain business objectives like customer and supplier intimacy, operational excellence, competitive advantage, improved decision making, new products and services and business models. As we know millions of offline and online customers, donors can bring windfall gains to the organization which is why companies invest for MIS Development in Pakistan for NGO to engage potential clientele.

The operational excellence is another prime factor for MIS as organizations continuously better the efficiency of their business in order to achieve higher profitability. MIS and related technologies are amongst the most effective solution available to any NGO to leverage operations.

Another benefit of MIS Development in Pakistan for NGO is the competitive advantage along with an improvised decision making as right information at right time is required to make an informed decision. But if a NGO depends upon best guesses, forecasts and luck, the result will be poor allocation of resources, lagging in response time and limited or excessive tasks.

MIS Development in Pakistan for NGO means almost everything automated for stake holders as well as repute and credibility.

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JavaScript Evolution History

When you look around the web development of modern day, one language that seems to be rocking is JavaScript. JavaScript has gained a lot of significance over the years, despite facing various stumbling blocks it has gone on to become the most popular language in the world today. For this reason, I am interested in the JavaScript evolution history. The crests, troughs and its strength. Let’s have a look.

JavaScript Evolution History

Pre-JavaScript Era

Before the mid1990s, the web was not much into a limelight. HTML was the major mean of web development. However in 1995, the National Center of Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) made advancements when they released the world’s first popular NCSA Mosaic Web Browser.

To challenge this, Marc Andreessen brought into another web browser called Mosaic Netscape and renamed it into Netscape Navigator.


For Marc Andreessen the web wasn’t complete yet. According to him, the web needed a “glue language”. For this, Netscape joined hands with Sun’s Microsystems the developer of programming language called Java. The “glue language” was not related to Java, except a bit of similarity in syntax. In a quest for prototype Brendan Eich who was employed in May 1995 created a language was called Mocha which later in September 1995 was evolved to LiveScript. The final name in December 1995 at the 3rd beta release was changed to JavaScript.

It should be known that Sun’s and Netscape had already gone into an agreement earlier to avoid any copyright issues. The name JavaScript however did accelerate the language feed on the popularity of the Java programming language too.

Netscape put JavaScript to the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) for standardization in 1995.

The JavaScript evolution history brought Microsoft too in 1996 who developed a JavaScript implementation in the form of ASP and Dot NET on the Internet Information Services (IIS) web server and termed it Jscript which was a reverse engineered implementation of Netscape’s JavaScript.

Later after two years after passing JavaScript to ECMA, the first standard version of JavaScript, the ECMAScript 1 was released in June 1997.

For programmers it was difficult developing websites for both the Netscape Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. So the quest started for developing cross platform websites.

Later that year, the adoption of JavaScript further increased after Jesse James Garrett’s paper was released where he described the technologies JavaScript supported as the core for the web, introducing the term Ajax as a way of building modern web apps.

Later it evolved to today’s JavaScript with client-side being powered by it. JavaScript evolution history is not completed without referring its frameworks. The most popular framework of it is being jQuery to help developers build sophisticated web pages. Now Node JS is regarded as one of the most powerful server-side development technologies in the world with push the prominence of Single Page Applications, Angular JS, Knockout, Meteor, React giving JavaScript more popularity.


JavaScript evolution history points that the language has really come a long way from a mere prototype written in just 10 days to the most used scripting language in the world and it’s continuing to blossom and getting better.

Web Development Trends 2018

With the digital age and increasing globalization, the year is welcoming new trends in web development. This year has witnessed the digital selling one the rise up to 25% and is expected to boom further in future coming years. Web Developer Trends 2018 means the rise of e-Commerce and online purchasing.

The year 2018 has been the year of change and empowerment that focused developing the user experiences engaging and attractive. The websites are also now set to be accessed through multiple devices.

The Vue JS:

One of the most popular and convenient web development trends 2018 is to make use of this simple API. The trend provides a breathing space to professionals from top web developing companies Islamabad.

Advancement in JavaScript:

The JS programming is on the rise in coming years due to incorporation of simple coding and easy concepts. The trend is to drive small functioned programs.

Real Time Web Applications:

Real-time web applications are now replacing server side web technologies and has aptly synchronized with JavaScript. The concept of progressive web apps is that chrome programming can put the app on the home screen of the user’s smartphone.

Smartphone Web Advancement:

Users of smartphones are growing day by day. The average number of smart phone usage comprising net surfing is increased up to 85%. It is important implement the simple web application so that more users can find it easy and engaging and surf with via smartphone.

Material Design:

Google’s Material design is also on the rise in advance browsers.

Compatible Extensions:

You will find compatible browser-extensions for the following year.

Mobile Application Development:

80% of internet users as mentioned before are using smart phones. This means that android application development, iOS application development and hybrid mobile apps developments are in precedence.

New frameworks, design trends, user expectations, and mobile developments are evolving the way the web development occurs every day. After knowing these web development trends 2018 one can denounce the fact of the rise in real time apps with material design as blend following by top Web Development Companies Islamabad.

Good UX Design Principles 2018

The implementations may vary, but these good UX design principles 2018 form the basis of all great user experience designs. The core is to make each user feel like the website they’re visiting is customized specifically for them. To accomplish this, you need to know who your audience is before website development. From there, you should tone your web content in lieu with your valuable users.  Web Designers with caliber have an advantage here, in that most users have common online behaviors. Once you’ve figured out what those behaviors are, you can customize your website design to their specific needs. In this post we’ll take a look at good UX design principles 2018 on which great UX stands.


The Five Seconds Rule

Visitors should be able to get what your site is offering within the first five seconds of landing on your homepage. This is the average time users take to build a first impression and decide whether it’s has worthy content or not. To engage and retain viewers, a landing page must clearly convey its purpose, what content is offering and a call to action.

Initial Steps

Most website traffic comes from search engines or link building, rather than from users who have information about your URL. As a result, users are likely to land on your website with a specific purpose. Your site should address this purpose by providing engaging, relevant and valuable information.

It’s also possible that viewers who are directed to your site from another source via inbound link will land on a deeper page of your website. Therefore, all website pages requires site architecture which clearly communicate what information is presented there to avoid high bounce rates.

Minimal Design

The design should be clean, sleek and minimal. If any page element doesn’t need to be there, then do not use it. In terms of copy, communicating key information in fewer words is more beneficial than offering long bodies of text forcing users to skim. Avoid cluttering and keep decorative, fancy elements at minimum. The idea here is to limit distractions for users so that they can find with ease what they’re looking for.

Consistent Design

Keep design uniform across pages so users can easily find information. Consistent design means your users can navigate your site quickly and effectively.

 Structured Content

Finally a good UX design principle is that information you put on your website is classified and grouped into pages in a logical manner. Within each page, you’ll also need to organize key information above the fold so that users will never miss it.

These are some from the good UX design principles 2018 followed by top Web Developers in Islamabad as part of their standard practice.