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Coronavirus impact on Software Development and IT Industry

The recent pandemic of Coronavirus has disrupted lots of businesses including supply chains, manufacturing demand for merchandising, etc. Since it is affecting almost every business, we, Solutions Player, a Software House in Islamabad Pakistan takes the opportunity to present an overview of Coronavirus impact on software development too.

The stock market recently has witnessed a 10% decline in the S&P 500 which means that the S&P 500 would not make a profit this year. A big reason can be the United States’ reliance on China as a supplier for smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets that are assembled there. Microsoft production of its Surface laptops and closure of Apple 42 stores in China are other indicators of impact on both hardware and IT industry.

The Coronavirus impact on software development can be denounced from the fact that any business development team certainly requires face to face meetings with prospective clientele for requirement gathering and prospecting. Though a lot of US companies are into the outsourcing process and it is possible to hold the meeting via Skype or other online messengers, but still, it is not a substitute for everything. The companies which do not own a remote workforce strategy in place have suffered at maximum.

How Solutions Player is handling Coronavirus impact on Software Development?

We as topnotch software development and training center in Islamabad Pakistan are taking all hygienic measures to prevent our employees and clients from this contagious disease. All of our business processes are going as per routine due to efficient remote working in place. We are fully committed to fulfilling all of our obligations and working enough to mitigate the fallout of the Coronavirus. Our competitive advantage is that the majority of our employees not only know to work remotely but also to maintain effective communication with both team leads and clients to counter Coronavirus impact on software development business at maximum.

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