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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) corresponds to techniques of best practices for regulating business processes across a business industry. ERP applications are frivolous business management software solutions, regularly modified for a detailed business industry or vertical.

Solutions Player Pvt. Ltd is persuaded to the extent with businesses as they develop and to reorganize in operationally critical procedures. In the result, this allows us to continue to focus on what we do best and to respond to latest market prospects quickly and with assurance. From advanced supply chain management to billing, fiscal and beyond, Solutions Player ERP Services gives companies the tools they need to accelerate growth and drive novelty. Our company is designed to work with small size and medium size business across all industries.

We present ERP solutions for:

  • Consistency of Industrialized Processes
  • Overhead Cost Reduction and Lessening of Inventory
  • Assimilation of Customer Order Information
  • Combination of Financial Information
  • Consistency of Human Resources information

Top 5 ERP Solutions we Provide

  • SAP ERP Customization

The customization process we provide through on-premise SAP software products that are to be implemented in a business has to be adjusted to the specific needs of our mid-size and large business customer.

  • SAP Business One ERP Customization

Inventory system we provide through SAP Business One ERP customization is for small and mid-size business which provide data organization, sales tracking, and purchases.

  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP Customization

The capabilities you can congregate in our ERP customizing through Microsoft Dynamics are exceedingly important and functional for future ERP consultants or IT project managers.

  • Oracle ERP Customization

For large enterprises, we provide Oracle ERP. It is the best solution in its functionality because it offers niche modules to your business or industry.

  • OneSoft Connect ERP Customization

For any business enterprises, OneSoft ERP is the best solution for large size companies. It reduces the size of cluttered documents and provides management for training, marketing, vendors, employees, CRM and much more.

ERP Installation and Configuration (Client Side)

The ERP installation actually depends on the architecture and platform compatibility. So, the installation requires:

  • Web Server
  • Application Server and
  • Client machines

The operation is mainly driven by the core data and system data those which are tested and defined at an early stage of implementation, during project initiation.

The client side configuration management varies from company to company and the software chosen, but basically, handles the business definition of the client. On top of this core data layers, the day to day transactions and corresponding data relatively gets manipulated and keeps the wheel running.

ERP Training

The main objective, we are focusing is to help our clients determine and accommodate the On-Site and Off-Site training requirements of their workers, and as a co-worker obtaining the objectives and performance they need. It is an essential stage where we ensure that you get the right fit among our client and us so that you work with the trainer who recognizes the requirements and end result of the training.

  • Identify, illuminate and fully realize the training needs and prospects
  • Developing the exact solution that meets the result you need
  • Build a trusting relationship

ERP Licensing and Purchasing

Solutions Player ERP solution gives you easiest way to get started. The modular formation of Solutions Player ERP software licensing allows you to certify and pay for the multiple users at once you require.