Top Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad is offering top Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad. Our quest is to transfer skills which can come handy for students who are recently graduated from universities and are looking forward for potential job opportunities. However the current market is competitive and majority of firm only hire those professionals who not only possess qualification but hands-on experience of projects. That is why we are into the provision at nominal fees, rates.

Our Best Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad Comprises:

Core SEO

First of all we will introduce you with core search engine optimization skills. These SEO skills are mandatory and will develop the most important and versatile tactic e.g. keyword research. It is all about finding potential phrases, queries which are searched by web users and are in semi mediocre level in terms of competition. It means we will check the level of competition e.g. how many web pages have already optimized them. We will later develop SEO content writing skills in you. This core set of skills will come handy in every type of marketing you will later do e.g. Social Media Marketing, Advertising Campaign PPC etc. as almost every marketing activity revolves around keywords. In fact our Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad is almost identical to our SEO Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan.

Social Media Marketing

We will also introduce you up with social media marketing especially LinkedIn and twitter marketing tactics. Though you will also get well versed with blog content creation and social bookmarking techniques in parallel. Twitter can come handy for generating a viral marketing effect. That is why we have incorporated this small but tricky social media platform in our Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad.

Web Content Management System CMS

In the world of internet marketing nothing is complete without WordPress a web content management system for creating blogs and SEO content creation. We will introduce you with its installation and necessary plugin for doing SEO. You will get capable enough to master this domain as per your own interest and efforts after our introduction.

Web Analytics and PPC Campaign

Your web marketing efforts also requires to be tracked and monitored. We will introduce you with web analytics in this spectrum in our Internet Marketing Course in Islamabad. Though PPC campaign and advertising is by itself another subset however we will introduce you with it so that you can later delve deeper and bigger on your own easily.

Why us?

Because we are by ourselves an accomplished internet marketing services Islamabad. We do not provide white board training like institutes or academies.  We deliver hands on experience to our enrolled professionals. Check our own rankings in Google and our Internet Marketing Services in Islamabad page along with portfolio.

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