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Let’s discuss what’s inside the box of a top SEO services in Islamabad. The summer here is in full bloom. But artificial intelligence is not prone to any season, so it can be the best babysitter in the van, especially when stuck in a traffic jam. That is, as long as the language assistant actually has something to tell.

These are some from the SEO News August from Top SEO Services in Islamabad currently in limelight

Google Home’s Speaking Notes

Conversations with machines is still a hot topic. Last month, we came to know about Google Assistant’s automated voice commands. Now, the world of voice assistants is simplifying, which is best fitted for content publishers who are trying to set foot in this area. Speakable is the new semantic markup from Google that identifies text clips for voice output. As per SEO News August we came to know that the markups were provided through the industry initiative and are still in the embryonic stage. With this feature, content publishers can mark up short, text-optimized sections within an article, so they can be tested directly by the Google Assistant.

Google recommends that the text should be a maximum of two to three sentences long, just like a teaser. This will give a talk time of 20 to 30 seconds. For optimum use, the content of the text should introduce about the topic in short sentences and informative manner. Google also recommends headlines usage. We being a top SEO Services Islamabad are always curious about our content selection to ensure that captions, dates or source references, does not hinder the user experience. In this era of artificial intelligence, the best use of markups is becoming vital for SEO professionals, especially with the increasing number of delivery platforms. Currently the Speakable feature is available for the English language in the US market.

Amazon Alexa as an Opportunity

The digital searches of modern times has a different focus which is gradually drifting from analyzing requests to reflecting on answers. The key challenge for successful human-computer interaction, alternating between displays, augmented reality and voice assistants, will be to furnish the best possible result against each channel. Is there a single answer, multiple answers or a lead to a conversation between the search system and the surfer? Do you want an instant result or a complete sales pitch? Do you want to browse quietly or do you need the help of a sales assistant?

As per SEO News August  the USA firm  is in collaboration with Amazon, for the import of NAP data (name, address and telephone number). Also well as banking the language assistant Alexa to import opening hours directly from local firms. Being a top SEO Services Islamabad we stay intact with news and came to know that that they plan to integrate their interface with Amazon Alexa in next steps. Product data and catalogs may be inducted at a later stage, but decision in this spectrum is not taken yet.

The objective of this is to create a best user experience at the point of issue, as well as taking valid measures for success. Optimized data feeds provision is the vital for Google’s PLA (Product Listing Ads). In the Amazon ecosystem, the necessary interfaces and tools are evolving gradually. And when it comes to profiting from the advancement of digital voice assistants, that’s exactly where the potentiality lies now.

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