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Web development predictions and upcoming trend in 2015

Always at end of the year and start of the New Year, people talk about to discover new inventions and trend in every field of life. But, most commonly, we talk about IT services related technologies. This is because of existence in our businesses and professional life. Adapting advance technologies is the key to success in every business. Being a part of Solutions Player Pvt. Ltd, we adapt and deliver our work successfully with new inventions especially in Web Designing and Web Development.

2014 is now at its end, but before talking about new trend web development in 2015, let’s have a look on current technologies that software companies are using on both “usability” & “architecture” which includes:

  • API driven development
  • Responsive web design (RWD)
  • Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Front end Framework with ReactJS
  • Node.js for high profile mobile apps (Mobile Backend as a Services)

So! With these trends we deliver many projects in the market but we can’t rely for whole on them. Now our main observations for 2015 are:

Which technology will dictate?

Which technology will go?

Here are our few predictions for the year of 2015 in website development


  • The period of utilizing dynamic languages for Web is going to end at least for execution basic applications.
  • Re-building of Rails applications to other stack will reach at crest level for execution basic web applications.
  • Numerous Node.js applications will suck with practicality issues. Execution over convenience and practicality may come up short for Node.js.
  • Java and .Net stack will proceed with its vigor on mid to bigger size enterprise applications, yet it will step by step fall on web development.
  • Go will develop as a general purpose programming language which will likewise magnetize web developer group. Go is a decent change for both Java and dynamic language furthermore for Node.js development group.
  • Go can turn into the following huge language on project after Cobol and Java, however it will take sooner or later. Go is a language of the Cloud stage.

Go Programming Language

With our strong consideration, in 2015, Go programming language will be on its peak. Not just for website development but also for as a technology ecosystem for developing distributed applications. Many Node.js and Ruby will move to Go programming language in 2015.

Go is a static sort of language while as long as the flexibility of dynamic type language’s output. Like C and C++, Go assemble to native machine code and not like Java and .Net, it don’t need any JIT compilation. It may not be fine initiative to use Go for structure conventional Web apps, but it is good for developing HTTP servers for given that RESTful services. In prospect, we might be able to use Go for developing Android apps. The benefit of Go programming language is that it is a general purpose language, which can be used for several possible scenarios   including systems programming and for better distributed business applications. We stoutly feel that Go is the language of distributed, synchronized and corresponding computing in the time of Cloud. Go can turn out to be the next Java in the web development project.

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