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Hospital Management System

The hospital management software product developed by SolutionsPlayer Pvt. Ltd is a set of services which help to create the unified work system of all medical departments, from therapeutic to a dental. Our developed software meets the needs of the healthcare facility on the whole and combines the corporate work of all medical specialists.

Our developed hospital management software meets the latest technology and managerial process to handle all the work process in the hospital. Our software products are designed for multi-speciality hospitals, to manage a wide range of Hospital management and administration processes.

Determining all the necessities, Solutions Player Pvt. Ltd gives you the solution for Hospital Management Software System including following features:


  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Queue System
  • Doctor’s view of waiting patients
  • Patient’s complete medical history
  • Patient’s complete lab tests history
  • Patient’s complete radiology (CT scan, MRI, etc) history
  • Patient’s allergy detail
  • Patient’s previous visits including doctor’s detail with time stamp
  • Calculate each time a doctor serves a patient so payment can be made based on number of patients served
  • Thank you (Get well soon), text message once patient is discharged.


  • Patient Admission System
  • Ward Management System
  • Bed Management System
  • Doctor’s visit to a ward management
    • Doctor’s note including previous notes
    • Prescription
    • Test request
    • Doctor’s visit detail including doctor’s detail, ward detail with time stamp
    • Doctor’s visits added to total number of visits so doctor could be paid based on number of patients visited/served
  • Another Doctor’s call management (for Inpatient)
  • Patient Discharge
    • Discharge summary notes
    • Receipt
    • Billing
  • Patient Transfer/move management
  • Comprehensive patient search within each ward
  • Integrated Pharmacy
  • Integrated laboratory
  • Integrated Radiology

Operation Theatre Management System

  • Schedule an Operation
  • Define type of operation
  • Check anaesthetist availability
  • Check relevant surgeon’s availability

Integrated Pharmacy

  • Send prescription detail directly to a linked pharmacy with e-prescription
  • Integrated with Inpatient & Outpatient modules

Integrated Labs

  • Type of tests
  • Send patient’s test request directly to a linked laboratory
  • Upload Test Results and immediate availability of Test Results to relevant departments
  • Integrated with Inpatient & Outpatient modules

Integrated Radiology Centre

  • Type of radiology image
  • Send request directly to a linked radiology centre
  • Upload Radiology Image and then immediate availability of Image to the relevant departments
  • Integrated with Inpatient & Outpatient modules

HR & Payroll

  • Staff Attendance (Biometric)
  • Staff Salary
  • Staff Daily Routine
  • Staff Record
  • Staff Annual Leave
  • Public Holidays


  • Employees Salary system
  • Employees expenses
  • Employees bonus system
  • Doctor’s patient attendance target system
  • Hospital expense system with expense types detail
  • Invoice
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & loss statement

BI Reports

  • Trend Reports
  • Number of Patients served each month
  • Number of Patients served by a doctor each month
  • Number of Patients by each department
  • A Report by patient type (Outpatients & Inpatients)
  • Trend reports (financial as well as number of patients served)

Online Appointment System

  • Patient select hospital
  • Select speciality / department
  • Choose specialist
  • Select available time slot
  • Doctor receives a text message/email

Patient Portal

  • Patient empowerment with our Patient Porta
  • Patient’s access to his/her own medical record
  • Patient’s access to repeat prescription
  • Online Medical Appointments with Patient Portal


  • Administrator would have access to every module
  • Add doctor and other staff
  • Set doctor and staff’s availability
  • BI reports
  • Billing

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