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Android App Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan

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Be a Pakistani Android Developer. This  Android App Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan will take you through the basics of Android Studio, the default integrated development environment (IDE) supported by Google to develop Android apps, including user interfaces, activities, controls, layouts, services, content providers, location, multimedia APIs. Then you will do more advanced concepts such as Android Wear App development, syncing to the cloud, wireless connectivity, and Google Play. You will learn necessary skill set and experience of a top notch Pakistani Android Developer by building top-trending applications throughout the course.

Android App Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan Outline:




2 Hours Daily 5 Days a Week

Week 1


  • Use fragments to build responsive and flexible layouts
  • Build an AndroidMe app to create and customize Android characters
  • Use the principles of Material Design to ensure your app works on multiple screen sizes


  • Save time and increase your app’s functionality by leveraging libraries
  • Learn how to implement the Google Mobile Vision library for facial recognition

Week 2

Firebase Cloud Messaging

  • Use Firebase Cloud Messaging to connect an app to a server
  • Build a Squawker app to deliver instructor messages (“squawks”) to users


  • Use Google APIs to make your app aware of its location
  • Build a ShushMe app that silences your phone based on its location


                                                          Week 3

Media Playback

  • Use ExoPlayer, an open source library, to implement a media player
  • Build a Classical Music Quiz app that renders audio and video


  • Make your app stand out with widgets
  • Allow users to interact more frequently with your app

                                                          Week 4


  • Learn about the Android Testing Support Library
  • Use Espresso to run user interface (UI) testing on your app

Publishing Your App

  • Review the final steps to getting your app production ready
  • Learn how to prepare and test your app for release to the Google Play Store

So looking forward for being a top Pakistani Android Developer then contact us to make the most from Android App Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan offered by us.