Lead Management Software

.Are you looking to generate more sales through lead management software for real estate? If so then Solutions Player customer relationship management for the real estate LMS module is key. By using this system can move your leads through the sales pipeline.

What is our lead management software for real estate or any other business?

It’s a software module that helps you analyze incoming leads and convert them into sales opportunities. You can convert prospects who are interested in your product or service into potential customers. Our customer relationship management for real estate (or any other business) is rated as the best lead management solution. It caters to all sorts of businesses regardless of their size.

Following are some of the features of our lead management software for real estate and other businesses:

  • Inclusion of smart web forms to capture leads from your landing pages hosted on WordPress or any other CMS without writing any code.
  • Feature for scanning business cards or QR codes on the go using the scanning app and instantly add new contact information into the database.
  • An opportunity to interact and engage with a prospective client through live chat support.
  • Add any of your prominent social media profiles to your customer relationship management for the real estate LMS module. This means you can stay updated on all the likes, mentions, etc. You will have the necessary insights to engage with your customers in a better way. You can create custom audiences and tweak your sales pitch as per their preferences.


a screenshot of lead management software for real estate
lead management software for real estate
  • Lead nurturing support along with scoring rules in place. It means that with Solutions Player CRM’s lead management software for real estate and other businesses, you can prioritize your sales leads for instant conversions.
  • You can assign leads to your sales professionals as per demographics or targeted segment.
  • Our lead management system also features email marketing support with analytics in place.
  • You will also know which digital advertising campaigns are worthy enough to continue with.  This means you can analyze key metrics and customize your sales pitch accordingly.
  • There will be user levels and privileges e.g. Administrator, Sale & Support Officer, Agent (Sale & Support Manager), CSR, Production. Users can be assigned to different zones e.g. Zone A, B, C, or D, or even International Leads.
  • The Zone Managers will be having their own Zonal Dashboards providing information about completed leads at month closing, current leads till today.
  • Lead Channels Tracking and Monitoring e.g. Lead Channel 1, Lead Channel 2, Lead Channel 3, Lead Channel 4, Social Media, Inbound Leads, etc.
  • Complete Lead Management and Distribution e.g. assignments, listings, separation of local or international leads.
  • All sorts of Lead Details in one place e.g. Agent information, Address, Note, Attachments, Products for sales, Open Activity, Closed Activity, etc.
  • Realtime Status Updates e.g. In-progress, Not interested, No response, Details Shared, Meeting Scheduled, Follow Up, New Leads Loaded, Leads Assigned to Zone Manager, No Response Leads, Completed/Deal Signed Leads, Rejected/Invalid Leads, etc.
  • Feature for Organizational Setups e.g. Company setup, Department or Sub Department, etc.
  • Products Management e.g. You can Add, Update, Edit, or Delete Products.

So what are you looking for? Give us a call for a top-notch Customer Relationship Management for real estate LMS Software Module in place to start selling the smarter and faster way.