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Customer Visit Management System in Islamabad

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Solutions Player is always acknowledged for developing the best content management systems. We have recently developed a top-notch Customer Visit Management System (CVM) for our value-added clients capable of handling the customers’ visit even before they step into the premises. Our development services for customer visit management system in Islamabad Pakistan feature appointments through Mobile App prior to a customer’s visit to the premises. Support for prioritizing senior citizens on the basis of CNIC-based filtered data along with customer feedback support and digital signage.

Deploying our customer visit management system in Islamabad Pakistan means adding more to a convenient customer journey and experience of the branch/premises.

Our CVM is a comprehensive software product to better manage and streamline your customers’ journeys before, during, and after visits. Accelerate the serving process and exceed customer expectations by deploying one of the smart customer visit management system in Islamabad Pakistan. The CVM is all about providing relevant content to the customers, inform, educate, and entertain them while invoking a higher purchase intent, boosting ROI via smart Omni-touchpoint promotions.

Our system in deployment also means that you will get the functionality of four modules e.g. queue management system, digital signage, customer feedback, and (BI) business intelligence for powerful decision making along with full control over all of your branches or premises.


So it’s time to give a warm welcome to customers, obtain full insight about customer requirements and trends and cross-sell on the basis of history. With our customer visit management system in Islamabad Pakistan in place, you are capable of taking instant action in case of urgent queuing or customers’ concerns and obtain full insight about each branch, service, and employee performance.

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