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Student Information System

Student Information System software developed by Solutions Player Pvt. Ltd is the leading web-based solution provider for all types of schools and educational institutions. Streamline your school operations with an integrated online solution that connects your entire community. Our SIS product is fully customized and meets customer requirements that include attendance, communication, scheduling, reporting of student data.

Determining all the necessities, Solutions Player Pvt. Ltd gives you Student Information System Software solution including the following features:


  • Menu Master (edit/update admin menu name, orders etc)
  • Staff/ Teacher Admin (Add/staff or teacher information)
  • User Administration (Add/delete/edit user to SMS)
  • Staff Attendance (add/edit staff attendance)
  • Privilege Profile (Assign user rights to differ level of user)
  • Branch Master (add/edit/delete new branches)
  • Alert Setting (setting alert duration that will be apply when send to user any type of alert)
  • Designation Master (Assigning designation to different staff)
  • Placeholder Master (adding place holder to letter where it can be rendered dynamically when generate any type of letter send to students)
  • Staff Alert (Setting staff alert)
  • Appointment Management (setting appointment with management)
  • Manage Pages/tab (adding page menus to front side if needed)


  • Create Department (add/edit/department)
  • Create Awarding body (set detail regarding awarding body like HEC etc)
  • Create Program (Add/delete/edit program that are currently studied in college)
  • Program with detail fee (add/edit program with fee structure)
  • Privilege Profile (Assign user rights to differ level of user)
  • Create Session (add/edit/delete Sessions)
  • Study duration (setting study duration of program)
  • Create Module/Subject (Add/delete/edit subject to different program)
  • Manage Groups (adding groups to different program)


  • Enrolled Students (show all enrolled students ,students states, fee states , print ID card, send alert, update record, assign account , revoke rights and search all type of Students etc)
  • Student Progression (all information related to student progression are list here)
  • Leave Application (Leave application list)
  • Address Change Request (send address change request to admin)
  • Address Change request received (see how many request received by admin user)
  • Appointment Request (send appointment request of admin)
  • Access Student Documents (Access to student documents)

Admission Procedure

  • New Application (adds new application for students, also can be used by Consultant)
  • All Application (search/edit/ all type of application received their status etc)
  • Offer letter issued (issue offer letter or check to whom student offer letter issued)
  • CAS issued / waiting Visa (list of students who are waiting for visa)
  • Reported to College (list of students who are waiting for reporting to college)

Fee Section

  • Fee Management (all information regarding to fee of students, like fee paid, remaining, balance, installments, add fee received, print record)


  • Letters (add/edit/delete letters that will be send to students)
  • Letter Log (display letter logs)


  • Upload Notes/Assignment (teacher will be upload all type of notes/ assignments regarding course)
  • Download Notes (from here students will download notes)
  • Download Assignment (teacher will download assignments from here upload by students)
  • Upload Assignment (student will submit assignments here)
  • Download Logs (show download logs)
  • Download Summary (show download summary)
  • Manage Discussion Topic (it work like a forum where teacher post a topic n student n other people will post thread)


  • Add New Consultants (add/edit/delete consultant)
  • Consultant Commission (consultant can see their commission)
  • Consultant referred students (Consultant can see the students’ status referred by him)


  • Messages (see messages /send messages/ delete messages)
  • Add Reminder (add reminder to any students when he log in he will that reminder as a popup)
  • Reminder log
  • Today reminder (check today reminder)


  • Create time table (create/edit/delete time table for whole week regarding teacher n courses)


  • Category Master (add/edit/delete category where book can available in all the upload categories)
  • Book Master (add/search/delete/edit book information here)
  • Issue Book (issue book to students)
  • Receive Book (receive book here)
  • Book Return Reminder (set book return reminder sent to students)
  • Fine Management (list fine management if student not return book on time)
  • Fine Collection Report (full report of fine)
  • Detail Collection Report (full report of fine)


  • Exam Application (search all application applied by students)
  • Exam Schedule (exam schedule time)
  • Upload Result (upload result here where students can see their result when done upload)


  • Submit Attendance Date Contact (submit attendance by today date)
  • Submit Attendance by Class (submit attendance to system of current classes that is taken by hard copy)
  • Print Class Register (print hard copy for current day student class)
  • Attendance Report by Class (class attendance report by class with graph, %, balance)
  • Attendance Report (full attendance report by class with graph, %, balance)
  • Attendance Summary Report (full attendance report by class with graph, %, balance)
  • Attendance Summary Report2 (2nd full attendance report by class with graph, %, balance)
  • Attendance Alert Log Report (Attendance report log)


  • Building Master (information regarding college building)
  • Floor Master (information regarding college building floor)
  • Room Master (information regarding college building rooms)
  • Floor Room Detail (detail information regarding room)

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