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Software Quality Assurance Course in Islamabad

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Are you looking for professional Software quality assurance course in Islamabad Pakistan? Your search ends here. SolutionsPlayer offers a best Software quality assurance course in Islamabad.


Software Quality Assurance Course in Islamabad

SolutionsPlayer Pvt. Ltd offers software quality assurance courses in Islamabad Pakistan that will cover ins and outs of practical testing techniques for core testing.  It will build your knowledge to a level where you would be able to get your software testing career moving forward. Software Testers are highly specialized professionals in the IT industry. Competitive pressures across worldwide demand fully functional software in the first delivery, and consequently software testing expertise has great value. This course will help you distinguish between verification and validation of software, write automated functional test cases for both front-end and back-end in web & mobile applications, measure the fault-finding effectiveness of a functional test suite and defend program correctness through the use of formal methods and model checking.

Our SQA training program outline includes:

  • Brief introduction

    • Basic Knowledge of Software Testing
    • Principles and methodologies used in Software Testing
    • Setup Testing Environment

    Automated Testing

    • Why test?
    • Automatic vs manual tests
    • Incremental testing
    • Types of tests
    • Testing tools
    • Test Harnesses

    Main Features

    • Equivalence Testing
    • Testing Levels and Object-Oriented Program Testing
    • Unit, Integration, System and Regression Testing
    • Achieving 100% Statement, Decision and Conditional Coverage of a program at hand
    • ECLEMA
    • Advanced testing Strategies such as Multiple Condition Coverage and Dataflow Testing
    • Mutation Testing
    • Web Applications Testing using Selenium IDE
    • Requirements and Use Case Inspection Checklists
    • Test Planning & Estimation (Writing Test Plans and Bug Reports)