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Dairy Farm Management System

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We, as the Solutions Player Pvt. Ltd Software Development Company in Islamabad, understand the challenges dairy farming industry is facing and struggle to provide a product to support in managing dairy procedures.

Our developed software Dairy Farm Management System provides herd management solution for dairies of large as well as small size setups and helps dairy managers to make the best possible decisions. Although it is difficult to make the decision, our developed software is most comprehensive and accurate real-time view of the herd, covering all essential aspects of dairy farm management.

Determining all the necessities, Solutions Player Pvt. Ltd gives you the solution for Dairy Farm Management including following features:

Employee Management:

  • Employees Users

City/Sector Management:

  • View All Cities/Sectors

Shop Sale Management:

  • Shop Sales

Customer List Management:

  • View Customer List
  • Add new Customer

Daily Received Milk:

  • View Daily Received Milk Report
  • Add Daily Received Milk

Pay Customer Bill:

  • Pay Bills
  • Add new Customer

Home Delivery:

  • Home Delivery

View All Payments:

  • All Customer Payments

Print Bills:

  • Bill

Bank Transfer Management:

  • View All Bank Transfer Report
  • Add Bank Transfer

Sale Report:

  • View All Sale Report
  • View Summary

Monthly Report Management:

  • View Monthly Report
  • Print Monthly Report

Add New Animal:

  • Add Animal (Buffalo/Cow)

Manage All Buffalo’s:

  • Manage Buffalo

Manage All Cows’:

  • Manage Cow

Manage All Buffalo’s Child:

  • Manage Buffalo Child

Manage All Cows’ Child:

  • Manage Cow Child

View Animal Gallery:

  • Animal Gallery

Add Section Manager:

  • Add Manager

Milk Entry All Section:

  • Farm House Milk All-Sections

View All Milk Management:

  • View All Milk Report

View Daily Milk Sheet:

  • Daily Milk Sheet

Daily Used Milk:

  • FH Daily Used Milk

Daily Used Milk Report:

  • FH Daily Used Milk Report

Medicine Stock & Treatment:

  • Treatment
  • Treatment Report
  • Medicine
  • Medicine Report
  • Medicine Purchased

Expense Management:

  • View Ledger
  • Add Daily Expenses
  • View Expenses Details