Lab Management Software

Solutions Player holds the distinction of providing the best test lab management software system in Islamabad all over. It’s also termed as Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The software features a set of modules designed to streamline and automate lab operations, manage data, workflow, and resources.

Features of our Test Lab Management Software System

  • Complete patient’s record registration e.g. name, age, email id, address, and contact number with data security in place.
  • Invoicing and billing feature e.g. summary reports generation date wise, patient wise, or medical practitioner wise. Our Laboratory Management System (LMS) registers all invoices in a precise manner as per domain standards.
  • Patient referral system in place e.g. doctors can refer patients and can keep track of their respective commissions.
  • Our test lab management software system is capable of fetching default-test templates. This makes sure not to enter the same record again and again.
  • Provision for patients to view historical records by scanning QR or Barcode and QR code. The patient’s registration has an auto SMS ID feature. Real-time patient’s online report generation via entering CNIC.
  • Patients can even compare their current record with historic ones e.g. old test values and results with the current reports.
  • The reports comprise electronic signatures of the doctor for approving the reports digitally.
  • Powerful searches with advanced filters, print support, tracking, etc.
  • App both for iOS and Android to allow you to manage your business on the go.
  • Agent management system in place to fetch records as per agents who had accomplished leads.
screenshot of a test lab management software system
test lab management software system

Multi-User Accounts Management

Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) features separate dashboards and panels for patients, doctors, lab technicians, and other types of users. This is done in accordance with the credentials and privileges of the users assigned. This is to make sure that no one can get access to the information he/she is not authorized to or meant to. The administrative control panel features menu management with unlimited pages, banners management, testimonials management, services, solutions and tests management, news, downloads, sister organization or partners management, etc.

So it’s time to give up your current search and dial us for the best test lab management software system in Islamabad.