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Vouchers Management System for Hajj and Umrah

The Vouchers Management System for Hajj and Umrah is a complete web based Umrah Management Software System suitable for the companies who are IATA license holders and deal as wholesalers in the market. It is a complete Umrah Management Software System designed by industry professionals and tested for effectiveness. Umrah Voucher Management System ImageThe software accumulates all the records of mu’tamirs (those blessed people who are performing Umrah). The record is sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval. After approval the Umrah Management Software System uploads a Excel Sheet comprising the list of passengers, pax, mu’tamirs as per accounts of their respective agents. It uses an efficient passport reading to read machine and visual passport information including the personal photo. The Umrah Management Software System can submit to MOFA, Mokhaa, E-Hajj or Enjaz websites instantly. It has a feature to add multiple agents with their profile and signed rates.

The Umrah Management Software System can facilitate you up with automatic assignment of rooms based on requests, age, nationality and mehram information and can help you up with to send customers to their respective hotels. As we know that less keypunching is required once each agent receive the list of approved passenger agent will then start creating vouchers by adding listed hotels, tickets information, Traveling and hosteling and adding passenger in groups. System will automatically calculated the price of each voucher on the basis of selected facilities.

The Umrah Management Software System also prints mu’tamer ID’s, luggage tags, room labels, applications, flight reports and passport stickers. It captures 100% accurate data to avoid the cost of visa re-issue and can re-use the same data for ticketing, rooming, reports, ID cards, etc. The Umrah Management Software System automates by receiving USAP/MOKHAA response automatically, and submit photos, receive E-Number and other essentials to do. The Umrah Management Software System can archive all your data locally for review or export it to excel formats. It can also enable you to connect all your branches under a single centralized system with unlimited users, devices, and remote locations. The Vouchers Management System for Hajj and Umrah also backs up all your data.

Our Umrah Management System is used by hundreds of prominent travel agencies and vendors saving their time and resources up to 90+%. It is easy to install within minutes and is portable. You can take advantage of its tools to scale operations and accept more mu’tamirs, hence increasing more revenues for organization.

The other salient features of our Online Vouchers Management System for Hajj and Umrah are:

Agent Features:

  • Agent Dashboard
  • Manage Passenger MOFA approved
  • Create Voucher
  • Print Voucher
  • Edit Voucher
  • View Already Entered Voucher
  • Reports

Administrator Features:

  • Company Information
  • Sponsors/Sharika Management
  • Agents/Parties Management
  • Pax/Pilgrim Management
  • Vouchers Management
  • Reports
  • City Management
  • Airlines Management
  • Transport/Routs Management
  • Hotels Management

  • Advance Hotels Management
  • Hotel Rooms Management
  • Hotels Packages
  • Voucher without Invoice
  • Search Modules
  • Dashboard/Real time Reports
  • Data Upload/Download Module
  • Hotels Management
  • Advance Hotels Management
  • Hotel Rooms Management
  • Hotels Packages
  • Voucher Invoice Management
  • Users Management (Office User)
  • KSA user Management (View reports of arrival, departures etc.)

KSA Management Features:

  • Dashboard with summarized content
  • Makkah, Medinah Hotel Reservation
  • Airport arrival departure details
  • Room and Accomodation Management
  • Vouchers Verification
  • Reports

Account Management Features:

  • Accounts Types, Master File, Purchases and Sales
  • Cash and Bank Payments and Receipts Vouchers
  • Transaction, Bill Summary of each supplier
  • Room and Accommodation Management
  • Journals



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