WordPress Development Course In IslamabadCOURSE FEES: Rs. 19,000/-

SolutionsPlayer is offering wordpress training course in Islamabad. Word Press is a free open source blogging tool and content management system. This course focuses on creating websites using Word Press. WordPress training course in Islamabad is structured in a way that will help you to understand all the basics and features of word press. Word Press can be used to create a traditional blogging site; however, it can also be used to create a standard website for business or personal use.

WordPress Development Course in Islamabad

Students Will Learn:

  • Customize a word Press site using PHP, CSS and HTML
  • How to setup a domain and hosting account
  • How to choose color schemes, fonts and layouts
  • How to use Word Press themes
  • How to add posts to their websites
  • Create website pages
  • To add images, galleries to their website


Course Outline

Setup and Configure WordPress

  • Difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org
  • Understanding the WordPress.org Downloads Website
  • Installing WordPress on live server
  • Installing WordPress on local server
  • Logging into Your Dashboard

Administering WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates

  • Understanding the WordPress Dashboard – Updates Screen
  • Understanding Version, Release and Modification Updates
  • Updating Based on WordPress, Theme and Plugin Compatibility
  • Upgrading to the Latest WordPress Release

Creating and Administering Posts

  • Setting Up Categories and Tags
  • Understanding Title and Content Areas
  • Configuring the Publish Area
  • Setting the Featured Image

Creating and Administering Pages

  • Differences between Pages and Posts
  • Creating Your Basic Website Pages
  • Creating Parent Pages
  • Difference between Visual and Text Editor
  • Using HTML to Extend Page Content

Creating and Administering Menus

  • Creating Your First Menu
  • Adding Pages, Post and Categories to Your Menu
  • Re-Arranging the Menu Items
  • Removing the Menu Item
  • Enabling Advanced Menu Options
  • Adding Custom Links to Your Menu

Inserting Hyperlinks

  • Inserting hyperlink to download file
  • Inserting hyperlink to an External Websites
  • Inserting Hyperlinks to an Internal Page
  • Inserting an E-mail Address
  • Removing a Hyperlink

About Shortcodes

  • What is Shortcode
  • How to use Shortcode
  • Shortcode Example

Configuring Website Settings

  • Configuring General Settings
  • Configuring Reading Settings
  • Configuring Permalinks

Redirecting Pages

  • Installing a Plugin
  • Configuring the Plugin
  • Adding a Redirect

Working on Divi (WordPress Page Builder)

  • How to install Divi Theme
  • How to use different components of Divi Theme
  • Understanding Divi Text Editor

Customizing the Theme Using Code

  • Understanding HTML5
  • Understanding CSS3
  • How to change the appearance of the website using HTML and CSS code
  • Adding an additional CSS into your Theme code
  • Changing the position of the Theme components using CSS code

Media Library

  • Understanding the Default Width and Height Settings
  • Understanding WordPress Image File Creation
  • Understanding the Default Month Year Folder Structure
  • Uploading and Managing Media Files

Themes and Plugins

  • What is a Plugin
  • How to download plugin
  • Installing, Updating, and deleting the plugin
  • Choosing a Theme
  • Installing and Configuring a Theme
  • Switching Between Themes
  • Adding Menu, Media and Content to a Theme
  • Administering, Upgrading and Maintaining Plugins
  • Example of how to use Plugins
  • Adding a Photo Gallery
  • Creating a Contact Form

Widgets and Sidebars

  • What is Widget
  • What is Sidebar
  • Adding/Removing Widgets
  • Adding Text, Post, Image and other types of widgets

Adding a Slideshow

  • Uploading Images for Slideshow
  • Using the Theme’s Built-in Slideshow Feature
  • Installing a Slideshow Plugin
  • Creating a Slideshow
  • Adding the Slideshow to a Page
  • Adding a Slideshow to a Sidebar

Adding Social Media Buttons

  • Using a Plugin to Add Social Media Buttons
  • Adding Social Media Buttons to a Widget
  • Using the Theme’s Option to Add Social Media Button

Inserting Hyperlinks

  • Inserting hyperlink to download file
  • Inserting hyperlink to an External Websites
  • Inserting Hyperlinks to an Internal Page
  • Inserting an E-mail Address
  • Removing a Hyperlink

Inserting Google Map

  • Opening Google Maps
  • Copying the Code
  • Changing the Editor
  • Pasting the Code

WordPress Web Security

  • Installing & Activating the Plugin
  • Scanning Your Website for Vulnerabilities
  • Using Strong Passwords
  • Changing the Admin User
  • Keeping WordPress & Plugins & Themes up to Date
  • Avoiding Free Themes

Backing up the Website

  • Installing a Plugin
  • Creating a Backup
  • Locating the Backup
  • Downloading the Backup

Making Complete Website in WordPress

  • Making E-commerce website
  • Making a Complete Landing Page
  • Blogging
  • Business Portfolio

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