Laravel Framework CourseCOURSE FEES: Rs. 19,000/-

2 HOURS Daily 3 Alternate DAYS A WEEK (MON-FRIDAY)

COURSE FEES: Rs. 11,000/-

In this project-based course students will learn web development using PHP 7 and Laravel Framework. It includes essentials of web programming in PHP 7, Object Oriented Programming in PHP 7, Installation and Configuration of Laravel Framework, database development using Eloquent (Laravel ORM Framework) and MySql. The students will also learn to take advantage of Laravel Framework’s MVC Architecture, its Blade template system and its powerful routing features. The course also covers REST APIs / REST Services development using PHP and Laravel Framework.

Course Outline:

  • Download Latest Laravel Framework via Composer
  • Intro of Laravel Directory Structure, Laravel Routing
  • Create Controller via PHP Artisan
  • Intro to Blade Template Engine
  • Integrating Front-End theme to Laravel
  • Build a Template Configuration based
  • Create a components blade file and load in main controller file
  • Load Layout in controller
  • Create a global css and js file and load in main controller
  • Download Laravel html collection package (form and html).
  • Create a registration form & Intro of CSRF Token
  • Create Forms & Handling Client side validation
  • Uploading / Downloading Images using Laravel
  • Create & Managing Databases for Web using MySQL
  • Database Programming using Eloquent & MySql
  • Migration, Schema Builder, Seeders & Factories Eloquent
  • REST APIs / REST Services: API routes, Controllers & Models
  • Essentials of cURL for Consuming REST APIs / REST Services
  • Consuming REST Services / REST API using AJAX and JSON
  • Testing, Debugging & Publishing PHP & Laravel Web Applications


  • Installation
  • Introduction
  • The Vue Instance
  • Template Syntax
  • Computed Properties and Watchers
  • Class and Style Bindings
  • Conditional Rendering
  • List Rendering
  • Event Handling
  • Form Input Bindings
  • Components Basics

Components In-Depth

  • Component Registration
  • Props
  • Custom Events
  • Slots
  • Dynamic & Async Components
  • Handling Edge Cases

Transitions & Animation

  • Enter/Leave & List Transitions
  • State Transitions


  • Single File Components
  • Unit Testing
  • TypeScript Support
  • Production Deployment

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