Taxation Audit and Professional Consultancy

Taxation System Development, Accountancy, Audit & Consultancy

We expert Taxation System Developer, Financial Systems Developer in Pakistan, Accounting and Auditing Firm in Pakistan Outsourcing from transaction processing to the level of a true business transformation to provide internal auditing, accounting, corporate affairs, financial advisory, taxation, bookkeeping services.

We understand that selecting a firm to entrust your accounting systems development, financial services, and business development coaching and mentoring needs is an important decision requiring great care and forethought. Rapid economic changes and increase in competitive pressures magnify the significance of the decision as every business, organization and individual must make the very most of their valuable resources.

Our goal is to partner with you and be relied upon as a contributing factor to your success. Our team consists of highly educated and well trained members who includes CAs, ACMAs, ACCAs, CFAs, MBAs, MCS, Economists and LL.B qualified peoples as Taxation System Developer, Financial Systems Developer in Pakistan, audit and accounts consultancy.

We have highly educated and well-trained financial consultants, business consultants, accounting specialists working in tandem as part of our client’s management team. Using state of the art technology, we fuse strategy with results in an effort to help you grow.

Scope of Work:

  1. Monthly withholding Tax Fillings u/s 149
  2. Monthly withholding Tax Fillings u/s 165
  3. Monthly Sale Tax withholding Fillings under sale tax act 1990
  4. Annual Income Tax Return of the Company
  5. Preparation of Audited financial statements
  6. Preparing interim management accounts,
  7. Annual Income Tax Return of Individuals/ Director
  8. Preparation and filing of all kinds of forms under the Companies Ordinance, 1984;
  9. Book Keeping / Supervision
  10. Registration of all kinds of companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan;
  11. Registration of all kinds of partnership firms under the Partnership Act;
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From the first day I started working with Solutions Player and find their teams different than any other software company I had corresponded with before. Their concentration to detail and responsibility were extraordinary from the start of my project, through the release of my software and throughout Beta testing. I have been very contented with the quality of their product and have been agreeably surprised by their level of service.

Arif Azim
Managing Director, Arsenal Supporter’s Club Pakistan.