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Solutions Player provides the best housing society management software to automate your business and provide you up with valuable insights. The software assists the staff with day-to-day society operations, plots sales & purchases, registration through biometric, installments tracking, utility bills management, and much more.

  • Software App both for iOS and Android Platform e.g. you will manage your business remotely.
  • Complete project management e.g. manage your shopping mall, housing society, plaza, or hotel information.
  • Information management at even micro-level e.g. phase, block, sector, unit, etc.
  • Customer management e.g. Perform create, update, read and delete (CRUD) operations. Manage weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, or generate custom sales reports. You can also search databases based on advanced filters.
  • Sales Management e.g. you can perform ownership transfers, conduct biometric registration, create payment plans based on installments, track complete ownership history, daily plots sales activities, etc.
  • Society / Utility bills management e.g. keep track and manage possession, development charges, etc.
  • Provision of advanced search filters e.g. you can search by CNIC, name, plot or contact number, etc.
  • Seller buyback request management e.g. a scenario when a seller agrees in advance of a sale to buy back, or repurchase, an item of value from the buyer.
  • File transfer request management e.g. parties’ details, pictures, CNIC, signatures, witnesses record, etc.
  • Installments and Inventory sales management e.g. complete installments reports, due’s reports, inventory reports against housing society, shopping mall, hotels, etc.
  • The project, agents, clients purchased, rent reports for a unit, plot, area, or sector along with complete resale history.
  • Complete accounts management with a receivable summary report, sales, installment due report, rebate, daily progress report, etc.
  • Provision for tax management e.g. import monthly tax sheet in excel format, completely paid report, payable report, individual summary, etc.

The administrator of our housing society management system can create power, master users with all privileges. He / She can also create Finance Users with rights for installments collection, Customer Users who can view property details, with installments. There is a detailed user management module in place.

So what are you looking for? Give us a call to get the best housing society management system in Islamabad Pakistan.

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Key features of our Housing Society Management Software

Projects management: 

(Housing Society, Shopping Mall/Plaza or Hotel)

  • Phase, Block, Sector Management
  • Plot, Unit Management
  • Customer Management
  • Instalments / Dues Management
  • Sale Unit Management
  • Sale Plot Management
  • Sale Area Management
  • Buyback Request Management
  • Project Sales Report
  • Agents Sales Report
  • Resale History

Sales Management:

  • Add sale Unit/Housing Society
  • Project Type (Mall, Building, Housing Society)
  • Shipping Mall
  • Floor – Select Shop
  • Housing Society –Select Plots

Society Charges Management:

  • Possession Charges, Development Charges,
  • Transfer Fee, Other Charges etc.

Advance Search:

  • By CNIC,
  • Plot No,
  • Name,
  • Mobile etc.

Sale Details Management:

  • Unit/Plot Sales
  • Area Sale

File Transfer request Management:

  • Parties Detail,
  • Pictures,
  • CNIC copies,
  • Signatures,
  • Witness.

Users Management:

  • Admin User (Master user)
  • Finance User (Collect Installments)
  • Manager User (Approve/Unapproved)
  • Customer (View property detail with Installment)

Client Management:

  • Client listing
  • Client Reports

Installment Management:

  • Installment Reports
  • Due’s report

Project (Inventory Sales) Management:

  • inventory Report against Housing society
  • inventory report Against Shopping Mall
  • inventory Management report Against Hotels

Clients Purchased Report:

  • Purchased Unit
  • Purchased Plot
  • Purchased Area

Rent Report:

  • Plot
  • Area/Floor
  • Unit

Accounts Management:

  • Receivable Summery Report
  • Sale Summery Report
  • Installment Due Report
  • Rebate Report
  • Daily Progress Report

Tax Management:

  • Import Monthly Tax Sheet (excel format)
  • Complete Paid Report
  • Complete Payable Report
  • Individually Summery report

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