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JavaScript Evolution History

When you look around the web development of modern day, one language that seems to be rocking is JavaScript. JavaScript has gained a lot of significance over the years, despite facing various stumbling blocks it has gone on to become the most popular language in the world today. For this reason, I am interested in the JavaScript evolution history. The crests, troughs and its strength. Let’s have a look.

JavaScript Evolution History

Pre-JavaScript Era

Before the mid1990s, the web was not much into a limelight. HTML was the major mean of web development. However in 1995, the National Center of Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) made advancements when they released the world’s first popular NCSA Mosaic Web Browser.

To challenge this, Marc Andreessen brought into another web browser called Mosaic Netscape and renamed it into Netscape Navigator.


For Marc Andreessen the web wasn’t complete yet. According to him, the web needed a “glue language”. For this, Netscape joined hands with Sun’s Microsystems the developer of programming language called Java. The “glue language” was not related to Java, except a bit of similarity in syntax. In a quest for prototype Brendan Eich who was employed in May 1995 created a language was called Mocha which later in September 1995 was evolved to LiveScript. The final name in December 1995 at the 3rd beta release was changed to JavaScript.

It should be known that Sun’s and Netscape had already gone into an agreement earlier to avoid any copyright issues. The name JavaScript however did accelerate the language feed on the popularity of the Java programming language too.

Netscape put JavaScript to the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) for standardization in 1995.

The JavaScript evolution history brought Microsoft too in 1996 who developed a JavaScript implementation in the form of ASP and Dot NET on the Internet Information Services (IIS) web server and termed it Jscript which was a reverse engineered implementation of Netscape’s JavaScript.

Later after two years after passing JavaScript to ECMA, the first standard version of JavaScript, the ECMAScript 1 was released in June 1997.

For programmers it was difficult developing websites for both the Netscape Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. So the quest started for developing cross platform websites.

Later that year, the adoption of JavaScript further increased after Jesse James Garrett’s paper was released where he described the technologies JavaScript supported as the core for the web, introducing the term Ajax as a way of building modern web apps.

Later it evolved to today’s JavaScript with client-side being powered by it. JavaScript evolution history is not completed without referring its frameworks. The most popular framework of it is being jQuery to help developers build sophisticated web pages. Now Node JS is regarded as one of the most powerful server-side development technologies in the world with push the prominence of Single Page Applications, Angular JS, Knockout, Meteor, React giving JavaScript more popularity.


JavaScript evolution history points that the language has really come a long way from a mere prototype written in just 10 days to the most used scripting language in the world and it’s continuing to blossom and getting better.

Web Development Trends 2018

With the digital age and increasing globalization, the year is welcoming new trends in web development. This year has witnessed the digital selling one the rise up to 25% and is expected to boom further in future coming years. Web Developer Trends 2018 means the rise of e-Commerce and online purchasing.

The year 2018 has been the year of change and empowerment that focused developing the user experiences engaging and attractive. The websites are also now set to be accessed through multiple devices.

The Vue JS:

One of the most popular and convenient web development trends 2018 is to make use of this simple API. The trend provides a breathing space to professionals from top web developing companies Islamabad.

Advancement in JavaScript:

The JS programming is on the rise in coming years due to incorporation of simple coding and easy concepts. The trend is to drive small functioned programs.

Real Time Web Applications:

Real-time web applications are now replacing server side web technologies and has aptly synchronized with JavaScript. The concept of progressive web apps is that chrome programming can put the app on the home screen of the user’s smartphone.

Smartphone Web Advancement:

Users of smartphones are growing day by day. The average number of smart phone usage comprising net surfing is increased up to 85%. It is important implement the simple web application so that more users can find it easy and engaging and surf with via smartphone.

Material Design:

Google’s Material design is also on the rise in advance browsers.

Compatible Extensions:

You will find compatible browser-extensions for the following year.

Mobile Application Development:

80% of internet users as mentioned before are using smart phones. This means that android application development, iOS application development and hybrid mobile apps developments are in precedence.

New frameworks, design trends, user expectations, and mobile developments are evolving the way the web development occurs every day. After knowing these web development trends 2018 one can denounce the fact of the rise in real time apps with material design as blend following by top Web Development Companies Islamabad.

Good UX Design Principles 2018

The implementations may vary, but these good UX design principles 2018 form the basis of all great user experience designs. The core is to make each user feel like the website they’re visiting is customized specifically for them. To accomplish this, you need to know who your audience is before website development. From there, you should tone your web content in lieu with your valuable users.  Web Designers with caliber have an advantage here, in that most users have common online behaviors. Once you’ve figured out what those behaviors are, you can customize your website design to their specific needs. In this post we’ll take a look at good UX design principles 2018 on which great UX stands.


The Five Seconds Rule

Visitors should be able to get what your site is offering within the first five seconds of landing on your homepage. This is the average time users take to build a first impression and decide whether it’s has worthy content or not. To engage and retain viewers, a landing page must clearly convey its purpose, what content is offering and a call to action.

Initial Steps

Most website traffic comes from search engines or link building, rather than from users who have information about your URL. As a result, users are likely to land on your website with a specific purpose. Your site should address this purpose by providing engaging, relevant and valuable information.

It’s also possible that viewers who are directed to your site from another source via inbound link will land on a deeper page of your website. Therefore, all website pages requires site architecture which clearly communicate what information is presented there to avoid high bounce rates.

Minimal Design

The design should be clean, sleek and minimal. If any page element doesn’t need to be there, then do not use it. In terms of copy, communicating key information in fewer words is more beneficial than offering long bodies of text forcing users to skim. Avoid cluttering and keep decorative, fancy elements at minimum. The idea here is to limit distractions for users so that they can find with ease what they’re looking for.

Consistent Design

Keep design uniform across pages so users can easily find information. Consistent design means your users can navigate your site quickly and effectively.

 Structured Content

Finally a good UX design principle is that information you put on your website is classified and grouped into pages in a logical manner. Within each page, you’ll also need to organize key information above the fold so that users will never miss it.

These are some from the good UX design principles 2018 followed by top Web Developers in Islamabad as part of their standard practice.

SEO Facts and Stats 2018 considered by Top SEO Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must because it is the most valuable marketing channel.  Here are top SEO Facts and Stats 2018 you need to know about search engine optimization.

  • The organic search produces 51 % of all website traffic.
  • 40% of revenue comes from organic traffic.
  • Over 72.02 billion USD is expected by top USA brands and agencies to be shell out for SEO services in 2018.
  • Majority of businesses are spending 60,000 USD per month on SEO Services.
  • Out of 5, 4 users utilize search engines for finding local information.
  • 3 percent of web users are inclined towards mobile surfing in contrast to desktop search.
  • 79 percent of people perform relevant call to action before purchasing.
  • The average number of words a used by a normal web surfer in search query is 3.
  • Up to 8% search queries are based on phrased questions.
  • Majority of large firms e.g. up to 41 % consider link building as the most difficult SEO tactic.
  • Google has almost captured 81 % market share of search engines.
  • The location services searches constitute 30 percent of all mobile searches.
  • Google Maps constitutes 1% clicks for the search.
  • Google Image Search constitutes 3% of clicks.
  • 20X is the power of SEO over PPC on both mobile and desktop. It means 20 times SEO is more conducive than PPC for searches.
  • 45% of all firms are incorporating “Content Marketing” as their mainstream strategy for SEO.

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These are some of the SEO Facts and Stats 2018 which are taken into consideration by SEO Experts in Pakistan.

SEO Trends August 2018

Ranking first on a Google search engine results page (SERP) is everybody’s preference but it’s not the only thing that matters. If you don’t rank first, there’s a lot you can do to improvise your search results and visibility. Here are some SEO Trends August 2018 to embrace for this month in the said spectrum.

Perform SEO to combat ad blockers

We all know that attain rankings without links is very hard. Research shows that almost every page you surf, app you download, link you click or product you purchase is tracked, you can perform ad blocking cookies via anti-spam software and skip ads. As a part of SEO Trends August 2018 you should integrate a multichannel SEO strategy, target strong and relevant keywords, induct brand keywords with high-quality content and keyword enriched links.

You should keep track of and analyze your data along with active social media engagement with a mobile-friendly web design in place.

Build credibility and avoid spam

Another from SEO Trends August 2018 followed by top SEO services in Pakistan is that Social media platforms and search engines will continue to induct new rules to counter fake news, maximize data security and provide relevant information.

This year, Twitter updated its policies by incorporating new anti-spam rules. Twitter now prohibits duplicate content e.g. same business tweets on multiple Twitter handles. If you are familiar with Google’s algorithm updates then this is nothing strange to you. Provide internet surfers what they want via creating well-written, authoritative content. Send press releases consistently featuring your organization’s story and engaging your audience.

Make the most of “internet of things”

Another from SEO Trends August 2018 is the approach by bots to use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, to understand structured data, and to present snippets from those pages in (their) results.” So you must ensure that you consider mobile versions of a website.

The “Internet of things” (IoT) will also bloom this year. With the rise of internet-enabled devices in their cars and home appliances, like virtual assistants Siri and Amazon Alexa, the content creation and accessibility for various devices means you should present with the most important information. Incorporate multimedia, perform mobile friendly test and make use of campaign tracking.

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These are some from the SEO Trends August 2018 noteworthy to share followed by top SEO Services in Pakistan.

Choosing Best Web Application Development Services in Islamabad

It is a fact that choosing best web application development services in Islamabad can be a tricky job. If you visit Google and simply surf, you will be bombarded with plenty of options in SERPs. To begin with you may scroll each option, check out the portfolios and start filtering your search. But, the fact is that you will only get a partial information about the value that they can offer to your business.

What are the questions that you should ask any of the web application development services in Islamabad before acquiring services?

Following are some points to ponder in this spectrum.

The overall cost of the project
Decide whether you want to do on project tasks basis or on hourly basis. If you have a limited budget amount then you require a web application development services in Islamabad who can complete everything smoothly without any kind of hidden charges. But for this you should have a clear idea about the completion cost in advance and mutual agreement over it.

The time factor for completion
You may come across a number of limitations and restrictions during the project. So get an estimated timeline from the web application development services in Islamabad for the project.

SEO and content strategy as offers
A number of web application development services in Islamabad does not included these essential services. We advise you to hire that one which is offering these services in parallel.

The cost should be inclusive of all services
Check whether web application development services in Islamabad quoted price is all inclusive of the services.

(The author last posted an article for Offshore Companies Types).

These are some of the points that should be taken into consideration while Choosing Best Web Application Development Services in Islamabad.

Top Free and Open Source Tools for Graphic Designing in Islamabad


I’m starting with Inkscape as the best free and open source tools for graphic designing in Islamabad in the list. It goes beyond logos designing and can be used to create illustrations of all forms, diagrams, line arts, charts and complex paintings. Its primary format is of SVG but can export to PNG or PDF. It has a versatile text, pencil and pen tools and is good in object manipulation in the form of transformations, z-order operations, grouping, layering, alignment, and distribution. It’s capable of almost everything Adobe Illustrator can do and is cross platform which means it can be run on all major operating systems.


Vectr is free and open source tools for graphic designing in Islamabad. Simple but powerful and intuitive web and a desktop cross-platform turns your designs into reality. Vectr requires a low learning curve, which lets a beginner get started immediately and perfect it easily. It has a real-time sharing feature.

(Last posted article of author was of Web Development Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan)


Gimp is also regarded as free and open source tools for graphic designing in Islamabad for image editing. GIMP also features high-quality image manipulation. Retouching, restoration and creative compositing is its best feature set. Furthermore, GIMP gives professionals from Graphic Designing in Islamabad the power and flexibility to transform images into truly unique creations. GIMP also produces icons, UI elements, mock-ups and art. You can further increase productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins. GIMP also pairs with many programming languages including Scheme, Python, Perl, and more via a large number of scripts and plug-ins created by the community.

These are some of the free and open source tools for Graphic designing in Islamabad used by top notch designers and professionals. Remember that the quality of your work is directly related to the software you choose and the manner you use.

Reasons for Hiring Website Redesigning in Islamabad

Your website is not just a mere online presence. It is your salesperson, lead generator and a key to some good conversions for your business. However, it will only come handy if it may grab attention and convey true value proposition. The fact is that if your existing web design isn’t effective you’ve got reasons for hiring website redesigning in Islamabad to consider for.

Here are some of the reasons for hiring website redesigning in Islamabad at abstract

Device Optimization

With the influx of mobile and tablet devices for Internet surfing, a desktop-only website has limited scope. Search engines highly value responsive and “mobile-first” indexing policy. This is one of the prime reasons for hiring website redesigning in Islamabad.


Web Page upload Time

If the web page upload time is more than three seconds then give it a second thought. There may be too many plugins or redirects, bulky files, inefficient coding or servers in the backdrop. So redesigning is mandatory.

Not Reflecting Business and Marketing Objectives

Every business tends to revolve and so forth requirements and marketing tactics in place. Your portfolio may require significant additions or subtractions. This doesn’t mean that you require a complete overhaul of your current website design every time. It means that you need to at least orient your online infrastructure and design in order to stay in lieu with your marketing objectives.


(The author previously posted about SEO Training Course in Islamabad Pakistan)


Unattractive or Unaesthetic Web Design

Visual appeal and interaction is always the key. This is the reason as to why companies all over the world opt for hiring top Website Redesigning in Islamabad for inducting good aesthetics for each aspect of their branding collateral.

Incorporating Modern Web Technology

Technology always tends to evolve. While we cannot keep up with every change but in case of website redesigning a failure to do so is only going to spoil the experience for your online users, and of course, making the search engines opportunity to derail you.

Reduce vulnerability

Website Security is always a vital. If you have a website that runs on a CMS or an e-commerce store with online transactions in place then a simple web attack can expose all your customer data and sensitive information. A redesign, in this case, can update your security system and protect the valuable data from your customers.

Essential Mobile Application Development in Islamabad

If you are interested in mobile application development, then you will need to first choose a good professional to help you out. Before hiring a professional to take care of this development project you must give them detailed requirement specifications. These specifications will prove to be very useful in helping the developer create software that suits your needs and ensures that the application is usable and secure. Once the development professionals complete their preliminary application study they will need to find and also define the functional as well as non-functional requirements of the application as an aspect for essential mobile application development in Islamabad.

Secondly, they will need to talk to the customer about targeted mobile devices. This will help them make sure that the proper development platform is chosen for your mobile application development. It is also important for them to understand security requirements. This part of the process is not the easiest. This is because the requirements can be complex. You may need to find and also describe threats that the application may face as a must, essential mobile application development in Islamabad.

Today, we have turned to mobile devices in a big way. There are as many as over 2 million smartphone users in the world and the numbers are growing. More and more business organizations are becoming interested in mobile application development. Smartphones are used for more than communication purposes. Modern smartphones are high technology driven gadgets that have amazing features. This means that there is a lot to be considered as an essential mobile application development in Islamabad as various mobile users including business and finance, banking, corporate industry, wireless internet security, GPS navigation and more.

(The author’s last posted article is of Choosing SEO Friendly Web Designer in Islamabad)

The latest trends and also an essential mobile application development in Islamabad involve Web Apps and HTML 5 as well as hybrid apps. Modern smartphones are very powerful and support a lot of HTML 5 capabilities. Nowadays, it is possible to design a mobile website that looks just like a native app even though it is not a native app.

Hybrid apps are another option for essential mobile application development in Islamabad available to modern smartphone users. This type of application is normally used when you wish to develop a flexible mobile app which combines the web with native elements. It provides all the benefits that you will get from a native app and more.

Using these different methodologies will help you develop a suitable mobile app. There is no one single approach that can be said to be the best. It is up to you to pick the approach that best suits your needs and budget as an essential mobile application development in Islamabad.

Magento Web Development Services in Islamabad

The internet is the foundation of e-commerce. Anyone who wishes to sell their products online should have an online shop designed with great features and beautiful looks in order to attract customers. Magento is a highly robust, secure, flexible and extensible e-commerce platform available today. So, if you want an exquisite online store of this age, you can always seek services of a top Magento web development services in Islamabad and get the best store designed.

Magento is already one of the most search engine optimization-friendly e-commerce platforms. As an e-commerce platform it is gaining quite some ground worldwide. Almost all e-commerce merchants consider it as their preferred choice for online stores. It can be easily customized with various extensions to meet organizational requirements. Acquiring a top Magento web development services in Islamabad is a key to attain success in the shortest possible time frame. It is suitable for both big and small e-commerce stores. Today Magento powers some of the most popular brands online.

Magento is a free open source development platform and so customization is very convenient. It also offers developers with the ability to customize and create new features as per the specifications and business requirements. Ready extensions are also available for businesses to download and install on the go. Other than this, you can add custom features specially tailored to suit your requirements. But, the key is to choose the best Magento web development services in Islamabad that can design the perfect online shopping site suitable for your business.

(The author previously posted article for Best Jobs for Web Development in Islamabad)

If you are not comfortable with setting up the infrastructure and require assistance with it, you can easily select an offshore or outsourcing company. You can hire offshore developers at affordable rates. The most important thing you have to keep in mind while selecting a development company is that quality is not a compromise. Quality is a vital factor that should be considered because your online store is going to be the core of your business where all the revenue comes from. There are many methods to verify the quality of the company that you select for your web development project. Firstly, check the credibility and repute of Magento web development services in Islamabad. Also, check the experience. Make sure you ask for a portfolio in order to get a better idea of the type of work that this company does. Experience is also an important factor that decides the quality of service you will get. You can get feedback by checking online reviews from clients who already sought that very Top Magento Web Development Services in Islamabad which you are looking forward to hire for.