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iOS App Development Training

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The iPad/iPhone runs an operating system known as iOS. It is a modification of the same Darwin operating system core that is found in Mac OS X. It is competent of supporting bundled and future applications from Apple, as well as from third-party developers.



How to create apps will not give you the competitive edge in this growing area. You also need to learn the tips and tricks in giving the perfect shape to your creative thinking.

In this course, members will learn to create applications. First, they will review the Objective C programming language and then examines the important primary skills used by iPhone Developers. By the end of this sessions, participants will be able to create full iPhone applications that make use of the iPhone OS including the built-in camera, geo-location, and the accelerometer.

-Students are expected to bring Apple laptops or Mac Mini

-Students should have basic programming knowledge.

Our iOS development training program outline includes:

  • Intro to Latest Xcode
  • Intro to iOS Development
  • Swift Language Overview
  • Using Interface Builder (Storyboard + Xibs)
  • Intro to UI Controllers
  • Simple App Development
  • Declaring & Implementing Methods
  • Working with Arrays, Dictionaries
  • MVC
  • View Controllers
  • Navigations
  • Data Persistence (Core Data, Plist, NSUserdefaults)
  • Working with Tableview, Collection View
  • Advance iPhone Development
  • Auto Layouts
  • Objective C Bridging
  • Delegates & Protocols
  • Maps
  • Web Services
  • JSON
  • Local and Push Notifications
  • Third Party Frameworks
  • Final App Development