Paaytoo Chef and Foodies Apps

Paaytoo is a dual process app providing a platform for home chefs to sell their home cooked Products, & to allow customers to purchase those products.

Paaytoo provides delivery for all orders placed through the app.

All Chefs are verified before they can sell their food.

The Chef portal allows chefs to upload all sorts of food products. The Chef sets the price, works on their hours, & Paaytoo offers the delivery of any order placed through the app.

The customer portal advertises all the products listed by the chefs. The customer can place an order of that product and have it delivered to their address through the Paaytoo app

All orders are processed and delivered by Paaytoo.

The customer is notified at every step of the process of the product, all the way to completion of the delivery of the home cooked product they have ordered.

Once the product is delivered to the customer we allow the customer to review and rate the product they have ordered.

Our reviews are visible to all customers and the Chefs. This allows for a trustworthy market place to grow and flourish.

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