Umrah Software for travel agency: What is it?

Umrah software for travel agency is a full online booking system for  comprehensive travel management services for agencies and independent tour operators.

It is a network that provides a  list of extensive hotel booking engines-transfer, air, car rental, transfer, excursion, custom packages, dynamic packages, and a range of other tourism activities.

Every season, Umrah business travel agencies are looking for ways to manage hundreds of clients in a smooth & easy way. But it’s not always that convenient.

Traditional approaches can only scale more difficult work, whereas modern solutions can save lives.

In this context, Umrah software for travel agency from Solution Players to give you a relaxing & helping hand. Our simple and useful software, especially for Umrah, is ready to meet all the requirements of travel agencies.

We’re offering end-to-end tech solutions for the Umrah travel agency. We believe that the new technology enhances all effective and modern travel agencies.

The traditional approach to resource management is no longer working.

We’re here to digitally transform your enterprise.

Travel agencies now constantly expect technology to be the agent of change and expect us to build ideas-driven strategies.

General features of Umrah software for travel agency:

We share with you only a few features that is of interest to you among the packages beyond your expectations;

  • Tour Planning
  • Customer care
  • Visa, Passport
  • Online customer registration & collection
  • Bank online payment integration
  • Human resources
  • Accounting (Profit loss calculator, cost status)

Umrah software for travel agency has integration with the reservation system to develop, book, manage, integrate and distribute multiple travel products (flights, vehicles, hotels, activities & packages) from a single mid-office system. The system SAAS allows customers to easily incorporate product offerings depending on the customer’s business requirements.

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An image for Hajj Umrah Vouchers Management System Box Pack