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Top Free and Open Source Tools for Graphic Designing in Islamabad


I’m starting with Inkscape as the best free and open source tools for graphic designing in Islamabad in the list. It goes beyond logos designing and can be used to create illustrations of all forms, diagrams, line arts, charts and complex paintings. Its primary format is of SVG but can export to PNG or PDF. It has a versatile text, pencil and pen tools and is good in object manipulation in the form of transformations, z-order operations, grouping, layering, alignment, and distribution. It’s capable of almost everything Adobe Illustrator can do and is cross platform which means it can be run on all major operating systems.


Vectr is free and open source tools for graphic designing in Islamabad. Simple but powerful and intuitive web and a desktop cross-platform turns your designs into reality. Vectr requires a low learning curve, which lets a beginner get started immediately and perfect it easily. It has a real-time sharing feature.

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Gimp is also regarded as free and open source tools for graphic designing in Islamabad for image editing. GIMP also features high-quality image manipulation. Retouching, restoration and creative compositing is its best feature set. Furthermore, GIMP gives professionals from Graphic Designing in Islamabad the power and flexibility to transform images into truly unique creations. GIMP also produces icons, UI elements, mock-ups and art. You can further increase productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins. GIMP also pairs with many programming languages including Scheme, Python, Perl, and more via a large number of scripts and plug-ins created by the community.

These are some of the free and open source tools for Graphic designing in Islamabad used by top notch designers and professionals. Remember that the quality of your work is directly related to the software you choose and the manner you use.

Top 10 Website Designing Prediction for Coming Year of 2016

Technology never ends in the word of designing. It exists because it earns the user attraction. Every year starts with new technology probably, as this year huge adaptation of responsive designing is in use. Lots of website owners are converting their websites into responsive layout. Responsive designing is a huge browsing improvement in mobile or smart devices. With so many benefits, responsiveness has a drawback of same style of many website having similar look. It doesn’t mean responsive designing is no more in use. But, it will be in its place adapting more extra features and there are other so many new designing ways in the coming years and the following predictions we are going to discuss for 2016 are:

  1. Flat Design or Semi Flat Design
  2. Alternative to Flat Design
  3. Parallax
  4. Cinema-graphs
  5. Access to Dramatic Typefaces
  6. Use of Grid
  7. Custom Drawn Illustrations
  8. Storytelling
  9. Animation
  10. Page Height Reduction

Flat or Semi Flat Designing

Flat designing has gradually morphed within the last few years to semi flat website designing and style. Later than the invention of windows it launched its Metro style, the design and style world evolved into inundated with this trend. Regrettably, the flat designing functionality pitfalls and that trend have slowly morphed in semi-flat design and style, largely partially due in order to both Apple’s and android’s releases using this style. By developing depth and dimension using card or tile methods, slight shadows, and well-thought out transitions to help guide and orient users, semi-flat design and style aims to reduce the conditions flat design and style had made.

Flat or Semi Flat DesigningAlternative to Flat Design

The new style language called “Material Design” launched by Google last year, for the designs that appear realistic to a user. Focusing on UX, clear and modernistic designing is its main goal. Material Design, on the other hand, makes use and allows more depth and shade as compare to flat designing. Basically Material Design is for apps development. So that recently Google announce “Material Design Lit” which is more suitable for websites using HTML, JS, and vanilla CSS and it is also lightweight when it comes to the code. Without any particular framework, Material Design Lit has wide variety of front end tools for designers for advanced level websites development and its layout.


Not so unique but its features also will be unique in coming year of 2016. Basically Parallax is the type of effects that applied to the movement and speed of background image. Greek word Parallax has meaning alternative. Parallax designing is the combination of two trends: Single Page Design and Scrolling. With the simple vertical designing in Parallax, it keeps content of a page in proper narrative order in a vertical design presents one pager website.


Technology of cinema-graphs exists from 2011 but not so famous in use of designing a webpage. It is a little motion in a picture, presents the whole theme, without consuming extra bandwidth. It also not just a simple picture but provides something more than a picture. In the upcoming year of 2016, advance technology of cinema-graphs designing will appear in lots of websites probably. It adds an additional layer of wonder, magic, and stylishness in a webpage which enhances its desire mood as well.

Cinema-GraphsDramatic Typefaces/Typography

The term of typography is based on webpage content and its font. With the responsive feature, typography enables user to read the best quality writing content. The primary purpose of typography is its being used for more than just readability and legibility. For dramatic typefaces, Google Fonts present free font collection with changeable weights, styles, families etc, there is certain to be numerous typefaces that are appropriate for any website dramatic typefaces.

Use of Grid

A website layout in style of grid or title and can be applied to website portfolios, blogs-roll, and bulletin board sections. So the use of grid or tiles view is more suitable and will be exist in new layouts of a websites.

Custom Drawn IllustrationsCustom Drawn Illustrations

Having a custom illustration created specific to your business will help to give you competitive edge while also displays your business standards and persona across in a distinctive way. Using custom drawn illustration help make clear visually the endowed service by a company’s website. The drawing for illustration started as a sketch with a pencil or technical drawing, and then was taken into Photoshop tool to apply texture and other graphics designing elements.


A website design illustration within way or term of storytelling can be more descriptive for a visitor. Storytelling can be quite a compound attempt. Suppose a service you are describing through webpage and with popup pictures you are describing the page more in a sequence. In this way of Storytelling layout presents a webpage design attractive and more descriptive in user point of view.


We can say that, this feature in a website design merges the other graphics designing features that we use to describe a web page in a one glance. It is being used increasingly to improve a site’s storytelling, making the understanding more interactive and engaging. Yes or No? A designer can say it YES! Although animation is a different term but describes the page theme. Animation has two main groups:

  1. Small Scale Animation
  2. Large Scale Animation

In small scale, without any user input command, it includes loading bars, hover tools, and spinners. On the other hand large scale animation has primary interaction with popup notification or parallax scrolling.

Page Height Reduction

It will be more of anticipation over a prediction. The typical belief around right now is that it trend involving more top to bottom scrolling and less clicking will keep grow. Personally I believe this is a terrible experience. A layman like using scrolling in order to phase with small parts of content or induce animations, but he/she dislike it as a technique to view a whole site.

Itching my head, I am thinking more about web and graphics designing trends, but hopefully above discussed topics or predictions will give more improvement in the world of designing.

Stylizing in the Art of Graphing Designing with Photoshop Free Brushes

Graphics Designing in IslamabadGraphics designing is a procedure as a craft of correspondence made by stylizing and critical thinking through the utilization of sort, space and picture. It might be referred to be as a subset of visual correspondence and visual outline. A graphics designer conveys his creation by joining words, plans, pictures and images and makes eminent design using different tools like typography, visual expressions, page format systems, and so forth to give fitting shape to the end product. Consequently Graphic Designing is an umbrella term for both the procedure of digital painting and designs itself also. These days with the advancement and use of innovation in each one field, graphics or web designing has increased tremendous popularity.

Each person related to IT world and designing field knows the Photoshop tool very well. We normally see graphics designing pretty much all over from street designs to specialized schematics, reference and client manuals to updates. Graphics designing using Photoshop tool is useful to a degree and accordingly helps in the upgrade and transmission of information and images. It is valuable in offering an item as individuals get pulled in to a brilliantly designed product instead of a poor one.

Photoshop Brushes

Graphics designers now have a huge collection of Photoshop brushes. TheyGraphics Designing in Islamabad 2 are an incredible time-saver as they allocate a graphic designer to rapidly make rich artwork devoid of having to sketch all the single design elements. Some of commonly in use Photoshop brushes are mention below from its huge collection and are the creation of different artistic developers:


  • Skin Brushes
  • Star Brushes
  • Cloud Brushes
  • Dry Brushes
  • Nino Batitis Brushes (13 high quality fire brushes)
  • Bokeh Brushes
  • Photosop Flourish (free brush pack for leaf and vine design)
  • Doodle Brushes (set of 30 random doodles)
  • Dry Brush Strokes (set of 12 exceptional brushes)
  • Photorealistic Explosion (set of 16 explosion images)
  • Fairy Tales Brush Set
  • Technical Brushes (set of 10 illustrative brushes for technical drawing theme)
  • Heads Up Display pack (set of 30 high resolution brushes)
  • Grimey Brushes (set of 5 brushes add dirt into image)
  • Gradient Shapes (set of simple rustles)
  • TC Magic Spell (set of 21 brushes related to the theme of moon)
  • Vintage Wooden Brush (simple brush for wooden texture)
  • Hi-Res Cloud Brushes (set of 17 brushes with different designs of cloud)
  • 3D Halftone
  • Scorched and Burned (set of 10 brushes for scorch and burn)

This is not conclusion of Photoshop brushes. It contains more for the creative graphics designing in the work of web art, because a technique of producing an art object is possible by adapting conventional digital painting standards and advanced tools for innovation.