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Islamabad Software House Jobs

Before delving into any of the Islamabad Software House Jobs and associated roles and responsibilities let’s clarify what the term software house stands for. A software house is a firm who deals in design and development of various forms of software, related technologies, its distribution, and maintenance. Software house in Islamabad can be engaged in multidisciplinary tasks related to both software design and development along with its marketing.

Top Islamabad Software House Jobs

We all know that any software house Islamabad is run by a CEO, entrepreneur or an owner in simple terms who inhibit a set of both soft and technical skills e.g. management skills plus coding, design, development skills etc. Some of the software house in Pakistan have employed sub-teams as per different time zones so that they can operate as a 24-hour company in a quest to perform outsourcing functions too. Also it is noteworthy to mention that software test team can be doing tasks with an 8 hour time zone difference to the software development team who will definitely remove and fix bugs identified by testing team. A professional software house in Islamabad comprises the following job roles for the professionals working under its banner.

System Analysts: Professionals who perform software and system analysis to translate business requirements properly into the software product.

Application Developers: Can be employed by any Islamabad Software House for web application development, mobile application development, or any other desktop software application development. These guys are perfect in programming and coding along with software solution development.

Software Testing, Quality Assurance: These are the folks whose job is to find bugs in the currently developed or developing web, software product.

Web Marketing Job: Another Islamabad Software House Jobs done by professionals is to market e-commerce, business website or web solutions for increasing and audience reach. SEO Experts and Web Content Writers are sub teams in this spectrum.

These are some of the Islamabad Software house Jobs for which professionals are engaged and employed by Top Software House in Islamabad.

Top Software Houses in Islamabad

Pakistan is among developing nations with labor rates on the lower side as compared to developed countries from the west or states. But even with this Pakistan stands among top countries known for outsourcing IT services. You can find leading software houses in Islamabad the capital city known for contributing to the outsourcing and offshoring.

The benefits of a Top Software House in Islamabad vs a Freelancer are stated in the following info graphic

Here, in this piece of writing, we will walk-through some of the best software houses in Islamabad with repute and quality outsourcing IT services.

Ovex Technologies:

Though primarily known for business process outsourcing the Ovex Technologies is now in step with top software houses in Islamabad. It branches are situated in Lahore and Karachi too. Apart from its call center functions and business process outsourcing it is also providing credible accounting and HR related IT solutions.

Elixir Technologies

As a dominant player in the software industry for the last 30 years, Elixir is on a quest to move critical communications into the cloud and discard legacy systems. It is dealing in healthcare, insurance, financial apps too. With prominent brands on its portfolio it is considered as one of the top software houses in Islamabad.

Solutions Player

Another market player which is capitalizing as both outsourcing IT services in Islamabad and ranked in Google for being top software house in Islamabad and related keywords. The firm is known for capturing both local market and international clients. The firm’s best shots are the MIS development for NGOs and SEO services in Islamabad. Currently it has landed into professional IT trainings and developed Sustainable Development Goals System for an NGO.

Talented Earth Organization

A software firm with a Scandinavian background operating for the last decade known for providing quality solutions for both private and public firms. The company has more than 100 employees with engagement in Mobile Development too.

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Another firm listed for engaged in activities attributed to any of the top software houses in Islamabad is a giant known for providing marketing intelligence solutions. The firm has capabilities related to Data Analytics and Marketing Research. It is another dominant player in the market.

We have shed some light on the top software houses in Islamabad. Each one has its own dexterity. However it totally depends upon the requirements and context of the business to hire them as preferred outsourcing IT services in Islamabad.

If you are a mid-sized business then we welcome you to follow us as your preferred Outsourcing IT services in Islamabad.

Top 10 IT Companies in Islamabad

IT is the fastest growing field in the world. The world as we know it has transformed into a digital one, for the growth in the economies of the world it has become an absolute necessity. Federal government of Pakistan has allocated 66 Billion rupees which can help this sector to flourish.

Mentioned below are the top 10 IT companies operating in Islamabad.

Top 10 IT Companies in Islamabad

Stairs IT Solutions:

They started providing their services all over the world in 2014. They offer services like Enterprise Hardware, Network & Security and Business Applications. Their product list is consisted on Watch guard products, Data Recovery Solutions.

Solutions Player Pvt Ltd:

SolutionsPlayer has secured its place in the market. Services include Website Design, Website Development Services, Mobile Application Development, Software Development and SEO Services. Products include software’s for Hotel & Restaurant Management, Finance Management System, Job Portal System, and Shopping Cart development.

Dynasols Pvt. Ltd:

They offer Web Services and web designing. They are operating their business and providing most of their services, in Islamabad. They are best in logo designing and Corporate identify designing.

The E Media Web Design, Development & IT Company:

The E Media was founded in 2002 in Karachi but later on they shifted their Head Office to Islamabad. They have developed almost 147+ websites. The services provided by them are Web hosting, photography, Digital Marketing Web Designing.

Web Design Company Islamabad Web Matrix:

They are expert in website work; they offer the services like Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Web Design and Development, Web Application and SEO Experts.

Centangle Interactive (Pvt.) Ltd:

Centangle was established in 2013 and started operations in 2014. It was the idea of some classmates of University. The numbers of employees at start were 15. They provide services of Web Hosting, Web Designing, Mobile Applications and ERP Development and Implementation. Their products are Shopober, Sajil and Folk Virsa.

E Patronus IT Solutions

The services this IT company offering includes Yii based software solutions, Custom ERP software solutions, Web designing and development, Job Portals, CMS, Workflow Applications, Business Process Automation, Database oriented Management systems and a lot more.

Next bridge Pvt Ltd.

Established by Mubashir Mian in 1996 as one-man company and is being counted amongst the Pakistan’s biggest IT Company due to continuous hard-work and intelligent strategy.

Cyber Vision International

CyberVision is broad IT Company concerned in developing world class custom software applications and websites since 2002 and providing the services using latest technologies.

Web Development Islamabad

Established since 2014 and providing best IT solutions. Customer focuses is the top priority of WebDevelopment IT Company and work to discover best results. They aim to present their best services to understand their clients’ online business.

TOP Five, 5 Benefits of ERP Solutions for Start-Ups

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions are not only meant for enterprise organizations, but also for Startups. In their quest to be gain customers, the business owners often neglect the importance of efficient operations. Reducing costs of operations, faster turnaround time, synchronization among departments, decisions support systems are the benefits of ERP that will make things work for SMEs and Startups.

Top 5, Benefits of ERP for Startups:

Synchronization among Departments

The Retail and e-Commerce businesses comprise multiple departments operating from remote locations, so synchronization is a key among them. An ERP Solutions facilitates sorting and merging data from dispersed locations e.g. warehouses to a single site. It gives a glimpse like a standalone business function for an organization. Imagine the bulk of information pertaining to sales order, point of sales, inventory information system and data flow from multiple geographically placed warehouses channeled to a single platform and be viewed on the go means lot of efforts and time saving.

Faster Turnaround Time

ERP is synonymous to efficiency for any SME as everyone gelled to it can take immediate action upon any variations stats metrics in the dashboard. This means an increased turnaround time and due to instant automation.


ERP solution integrates all the core business requirements and creates a unified data flow from different channels. The same data can be accessed, viewed and used by the number of authorized members inside the premises. This also gel professionals to work as a team and discuss up to date stats.

Check and Balance over Operating Costs

Every organization has multiple sub systems to take care of in order to operate for purpose. There may be chances of data duplicity or redundancy as data may arise from diverse channels. By deploying an ERP Solution, all the data gets synchronized and the company can find out the loopholes if any. So there will be good controlling, monitoring, tracking and checks for data.

Decision Support Systems

ERP solution comprises modules for facilitating each and every essential for an organization. Through its Decision Support Systems the top management can take prior decision with the instantly available information. They can easily make contingency plan and take steps on the go anywhere, anytime and any device.

Top 3 WordPress Plugins in 2018

If you want to create stylish posts and pages for your WordPress website, then a page builder plugin is the best way to do so. The best page builder plugins add a new content editor interface to your website that lets you do so much than what’s currently possible with the default editor.

Not only do these advanced web design tools let you work through a drag-and-drop user interface, but they also provide you with a selection of useful elements that can be added to your website. Some even include high-quality pre-built page layouts for a range of projects and purposes.

Top 3 WordPress Plugins in 2018

If you’d like to start using one of these tools but aren’t sure which one to pick, this comparison of the best free WordPress page builder plugins will help you find the right option for your needs. And, best of all, if you’re on a budget or aren’t ready to invest in a paid tool, this page builder comparison only includes options that are free to use.

What Are These Plugins For?

The free Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, and Elementor plugins being compared here allow you to create custom content designs for your WordPress website, all without having to write or edit a line of code yourself. In just a few clicks the default WordPress editor is transformed into something that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern web design software application.

Not only can you create custom page layouts, but you can then populate them with useful modules and widgets, while also having full control over the style and appearance of your content. If that sounds appealing, read on to find out which tool is right for you in our best free WordPress page builder plugins comparison.

How We Compared the Best Free WordPress Page Builder Plugins

To help you find the best page builder for your website, we’ll explore the user interfaces of these tools, their most useful features, and how easy they are to use.

We’ll also look at how popular these plugins are, based on their total active installations, recent download rates, and ratings from users. This information should help you choose a plugin that’s not only been popular in the past but also stands a good chance of being well supported and maintained long into the future.



Successful Marketing in 2017 through Impressive Website Development

The use of websites is common now for all type businesses like academic courses, online shopping, banking transactions, reading latest news and online books as well. For the successful online marketing of a website, it must be user-friendly with attractive website designing and development using search engine compatible features. Now, we need to focus on what 2017 will have for us in trend store.

The web is an appealing place, where nothing stands still for too long. Information is always varying and the techniques we use to compact with that information will always grow along with it.

  • Most Trendy Development Features in 2017:


Using the objects of non internet connection, Internet of Things (IoT) gives network connectivity. These objects have a big range of sensors in different house hold items or machines or detectors.

Angular 2

Features of JavaScript ES6 takes advantage in TypeScript written applications and now moving towards component driven architecture.

Artificial Intelligence

In past this technology was use in machines or robots. Presently AI just nor rely on machines but exist in software features and even web applications and search engines to collect accurate results.

Static Website Generator

Without using databases, static website generator use stored plain text files for it. These types of static website generators, such as Jekyll gives advantages of security, easy deployment; increases speed, and handle traffic surges.

Yarn Package manager

The best package manager use especially in front-end JavaScript communication and it provides ease to developers for updating, installing, uninstalling, and configuring application code modules.

Virtual Reality

This advance technology was exists in gaming industries but it won’t stop here because companies have begun their work on APIs to help virtual reality technology evolution to the web. Google and Mozilla are the perfect examples of using virtual reality technology.

  • Most Trendy Designing Features in 2017:

Pre-made themes, Frameworks and Grids

More and more coders using these features as a basis for their web development work. Frameworks might sometime cut down the development time secure the responsive version as well.

Authentic Images

Create image concentrating and understanding a product, quality and ethics which make your website up to date. Select pragmatic images that expose the real world and the real people. Use new perceptions (like selfies, head-on camera, buzz, pictures and videos). Try the image approach of full-screen, that occupying the whole screen.


When an image exposes the whole website theme then a video must be better than an image. Because a home page video expresses the whole services or products within few seconds. Make sure, the responsive version of a website must play these videos on smart devices.

Flat Colors

In 2014, Google Material Design was introduced and it set the most excellent observations and ideology for web and mobile application developers. Google Material Design with its flat colors designing becoming more trendy and popular.


Create main menu with minimum navigation items and redesign websites in 2017 using primary 3 to 4 items. Hamburger navigation in responsive designing is now more popular than ever and works significantly.

  • Successful Online Marketing Effects

For the successful online marketing using attractive design and development features, need to decide the objectives for a website and construction of website development approach to achieve objectives. Don’t suppose that a website designer or developer just knows the expected results. Take the time to comprehend a business, services and products so that a designer or developer can focus on main theme for a great looking website appropriate for the ideal customers, using the most appropriate internet marketing techniques to get the potential website visitors.

2017 is probable to bring some very fascinating developments in web technologies, and all of us looking forward to considering what it grasps in store for us!

Effective Anatomy for On-Page SEO in 2016-17

SEO using a perfect On-Page anatomye is the first step to go high ranking position in SERPs (search engine result pages). With keyword density of webpage content and Meta tags, on-page SEO has a complete and effective structure strategy we need to follow in the start of website’s SEO. Google frequently releasing new updates and success in SEO doesn’t happen without adapting new strategies and following new algorithms.

The effective on-page SEO structure helps a search engine to look a webpage into various factors and pick it to rank better using certain keywords. So, if you are following old SEO strategies and tactics, it’s time to re-evaluate it quickly analyzing importance of online business promotion in the years of 2016-17. Here I would like to give you a proper on-page SEO structure that should implement while working on your website or a blog.


Keywords Research

Research the business related search phrases and select the most searched phrases. I would like to suggest you to research business related keywords manually as well along with using the keyword planner tool. Although it is time consuming but manual analysis will give you accurate result.

Title Tags

The title of a webpage or a blog post is the most important factor of on-page SEO. Use the keyword at the start of the webpage title because it adds more weight to your website for search engine optimization.

H1 Heading

Wrap your webpage title in an H1 (heading) tag. It is because of search engine crawler. Crawler reads H1 tag first and using a related keyword in title and in H1 heading will give boost to your online business website in search engine as crawler will get the exact information of the webpage.

H2 Subheadings

Try to add keyword in subheading, at least once and wrap this subheading with key-phrase in H2.

Leverage URLs

Create leverage SEO friendly URLs with proper use of human readable words, short, and keyword rich. Use 2 to 5 words in URL to make it short and the use of keywords in URL can rank your webpage better. Two types of URLs exist: Static and Dynamic. Static URLs are those which are SEO friendly using targeted keyword in it and human readable. Dynamic URLs are in term of ugly URLs shows in random alphabets, numbers, and special characters.

Add Modifiers

Modifiers like the use of any long tail version of targeted keyword. For example, as I am using “2016-17” and others like “best”, “reviews” etc.

Confound with Multimedia

Confound with multimedia engaging with diagrams, images and videos have two critical user interaction ranking factors:

  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase time on site

Mention Keyword in First 100 words

While writing any blog post or article, must write your targeted keyword in first 100 words. It is most preferable strategy to optimize a keyword.

Responsive Website Design

Search engine, especially Google, gives basic 30% marks to a responsive web product and started penalizing non-responsive websites. Make your websites responsive mobile friendly design because Google will crack it down even more in future.

Use of Inbound and Outbound Links

This strategy of inbound and outbound linking with related pages helps search engine to figure out a page topic.

Sprinkle LSI Keywords

Keywords using LSI (latent semantic indexing) makes relation to your primary keyword, in other words, synonyms of the keywords. A search engine uses synonyms to determine relevancy of a web page.

Image Optimization

The use of image file name with the targeted keyword and use your targeted keyword in image Alt Text.

Social Media Buttons

Use of social media buttons of your active social media accounts will give you social signals increasing your followers but doesn’t increase website ranking directly. It increases your social sharing 700% by a prominent social sharing button and generates more visibility of your content.

Website Page Load Speed

The page load speed plays a very important role to boost your website ranking. 75% visitors wouldn’t re-visit your website that took longer than 4 seconds to load. Boost your website speed by switching to faster hosting and using CDN compressing images.

Increase Dwell Time

Keep your visitors engage to your website content or blog content with effective quality and informative stuff. If a visitor doesn’t stay at your content page and hits back button immediately, Google Analytics uses Dwell Time to size up your website content quality. Website bounce rate and time spent by a visitor are parts of dwell time.

Long Content Posting

A proverb of SEO is “Length is Strength”. So, longer contents ranks higher significantly on search engines. The content of a page makes it worthy or contemptible. The best content is that gives supply on demand, and must be linkable.

What is Structural Website Penalty in SEO?

Might be you are reading about a penalty you never know before, or might be you know. We didn’t read and see any major algorithm update about website structure, but it exists in the list of website penalties. Website structure indicates great user experience for website traffic. And if your website is not getting sufficient traffic, although you are on top of search engine ranking position by search phrases, it means there is something wrong, and then you will go for website analysis and algorithmic changes.

indexImportance of website structure

All the search engine algorithms show effects on website by taking information of its searchers to rank a website (up or down). An accurate website development with planned site structure can reduce website bounce rate. User will stay and go to check other website pages for more information if your website structure will be user friendly. The good site structure benefits will be:

  • Appear with site-links on search engine
  • Better website crawling
  • Better optimization for crawler

Site-links are those appear on the search results along with main website pages. It has big advantage in SEO because it shows direct and relevant website navigation to user and boosts click-through rate (CTR). With good website structure, you do not need to login to Google Webmaster and add site-link data. Webmaster tool do it itself if your website has a great formation.

The better site structure also helps crawler or Googlebot to index all contents of a website. On the other hand, crawlers will have an extremely simpler time accessing, indexing, crawling, and with strong structure returning the pages of a site.

For the better website optimization and SEO success, strong website structure gives you huge amount of organic search though SEO and SERPs.

In short, a good website structure is core of your all SEO effort!

imagesHow to Create a Good Website Structure?

Accurate time of creating strong website structure is before its development. Here I am going to explain how to create a good website structure, because, it is a core product of intended design, accurate organization, and understanding.

Design a hierarchy before website development

  • Make it logical
  • Maintain the number of main categories
  • Balance the amount of each subcategory within each main category

Build URL structure that follows page navigation hierarchy

  • Organizes according to website structure
  • With appropriate keywords coverage

Create website navigation in CSS or HTML

Create shallow-depth navigation structure of website pages

  • Minimum number of clicks to reach every page
  • Make it according to user and crawler perspective

Create header with main navigation pages

  • Try to use image-based subpages navigational structure
  • Text links to navigate with appropriate anchor
  • In footer menu, just use the duplicate menu of header
  • Avoid to use additional category in footer menu

Build a comprehensive internal linking and well- integrated website structure

  • Website should have link to and link from another web page
  • Navigate a website main page to subcategory page
  • Leaf- level page should have internal linking

Website optimization in SEO has lot of things to keep in mind. Manual website penalties and algorithmic penalties are so tricky to recover from, But! Possible… some of the penalties recovery needs your patience and determination. Just focus on new SEO tactics, understand and follow the algorithms, and start working on strong content strategy corresponding with social media marketing strategies. It will give you desired search engine results and keep the site safe from penalty. Website structures in the most important one an overlooked method of website optimization. Just follow the great website SEO strategies with strong website structure!

New Year with New Software Development Business Trends

New Year is the time for both manifestation and decision. We have controlled a little bit of both with our yearly glance at the most up-to-date trends. It’s time to obtain over the delicateness. The digital period is here and 2015 will not be a time for a weak hearted. We observed the past year revolutionize the rules of business game with the start of 2015. The New Year is probable to implement these new rules, exclusive of a safety net.

Let’s discuss something regarding software development and IT related business trends:

Software Development Trends

In the past, the development of software and hardware were two projects separately with comprehensively diverse skill position. In the present time, hardware characteristically needs some sort of software to function, be it on the project code or an isolated interface. The key trends for skilled professionals to concentrate on:

Mobile Awareness

New Year with New Software Development Business TrendsPeople probably use their phone for GPS routing while driving, though the technology of GPS can be used for. This field has in fact been just about for years; however it’s only in recent times turn out to be generally palatable. In the past when Bluetooth devices/phones were thumping the market, advertisers were discovering marketing by sending SMS to phones as consumer strolled past sensors. In the end the technology in no way impersonation due to end users feeling the perception was interfering.

The digital background has totally changed and today devices turned into smart tools and apps. Whether, all of these apps have access to the GPS chips in mobile smart devices including social media and games.

Analytical Tracking

New Year with New Software Development Business TrendsAccurate analysis is critical for any project to achieve something. As a website developer it is not convenient to consultation each site visitor to guarantee your website is useful. Luckily, superior analytical tools can make a work much easier. By integrating analytical tracking into developer and his/her clients’ websites, some of the most prominent abilities are:

  • Heat maps: (depend on the function; the ideas rotate about tracking clicks, mouse faction or scrolling.)
  • Session Tracking: (dissimilar to heat maps which usually show standard levels of action on a website, session tracking permits you to observation real recordings of consumer activity on the website.)
  • Form Analytics: (By quantifying the time it takes for a user to fill up in precise form fields)

Sensors and Wearable

Technologies of wearable and sensors are precisely hardware devices, software developers are going to be very important for developing applications and services that make it probable for clients to set these devices and make good use.

Sacrificing Privacy

Finally, one of the most prominent trends for developers to know is that privacy will prolong to be worn as time goes by, as with any other tool, technology can be observed as good or evil based on the situation.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Planning and Implementation

A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment in which an organization provides and manages some resources in-house and has others provided on the outside. For example, a business company might use a public cloud service, such as Simple Storage Service of Amazon, also known as Amazon S3, for recorded facts and figures but continue to maintain domestic storage for operational client records.

The hybrid cloud computing allows a software business to take benefit of the scalability and realistic approach that a public cloud computing offers exclusive of revealing mission important applications and data to third-party susceptibilities. This sort of hybrid cloud computing is also referred to the same as hybrid IT.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Planning and ImplementationTo be effective, a management strategy for hybrid cloud deployment should address configuration execution, protection, change control, management to prevent errors and resourcing. For the reason that a hybrid cloud combines public cloud and private data center standards, it’s possible to organize a hybrid cloud deployment from either of these initial points. Selecting the improved initial point, on the other hand, will create it easier to address business objectives.

An essential objective and use of hybrid cloud ought to dependably be to minimize change. Regardless of how comparatively an open and private cloud is matched, designing contrasts will definitely exist. The more prominent the contrasts between the cloud situations, the more troublesome it will be to oversee various clouds as a solitary element.

Keys to hybrid Cloud Planning

With an eye towards the more perplexing hybrid cloud as the final objective, the experts say organizations need to consider the accompanying elements as a feature of their user guide.

  • IT architecture and application

Not just do organizations need to figure out what applications and capacities are suitable for public cloud versus a private transfer model, they additionally need to look at how their applications and workloads are intended to figure out whether they can be viably conveyed in a hybrid circumstance.

  • Realistic Integration Challenges

There are almost, not less than, 10 distinctive open cloud bases, each with their own sets of APIs, also the becoming rundown of private cloud base offerings like Openstack or Eucalyptus. The reasoning is you can forward and back and send workloads crosswise over stages, but since there is at present no widespread standard for workloads in the cloud, you require a portability layer to make the interoperability.

  • Factor management tools

A standout amongst the most basic parts of a hybrid cloud state of affairs is an administration stage used to screen and deal with the situation with an eye towards asset provisioning, execution, and adaptability. The issue here is having a one interface and administration layer that can work both sides of the foundation.

  • Ramp up organizational skill sets

Most IT associations have exceptionally particular experts who know virtualization, or applications, or servers and reinforcement. A hybrid cloud cuts over every one of those skill sets and you have to increase the team for that.

Design and Implementation

The interior structures of private cloud and open cloud are the same, including framework and virtualization layer, platform layer, transport layer, application layer, the administration focus and capacity focuses.

  • The layer of base and virtualization is intended to join the fundamental equipment assets into a virtual group, giving a multiple virtual assets to the upper layer.
  • Cloud platform layer is used to run web services and web applications, and convey application-particular development and application incorporation through its open interfaces.
  • The cloud transport layer, comprising of a control transport, various hub transports and connectors, is intended to oversee and screen the different administrations of the cloud stage layer.

The proposed model of the structural designing can quicken the relocation of the current IT situations to distributed computing situations, lessen the assets, and make full utilization of IT assets.