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Marketing Programming Definition

In our blog post for marketing programming definition, we will look into the power of two domains e.g. digital marketing and programming that can help in leveraging any business. There are countless books and course materials on both but how to best apply them to your company is a question in the big picture.

What is Marketing?

Consider marketing as everything a business does to sell products and services. Though the fundamentals of marketing are relatively simple to explain but mastering them can mean the difference between success and failure.

Marketing components

Let’s talk about its components too in our post for marketing programming definition. Not all marketing aspects or ingredients will apply to every business however as a business entrepreneur you should be familiar with all of them. Let’s start with inbound marketing a tool to consider as your workhorse comprising tactics to maintain a steady influx of customers into your sales process. It employs using various channels in creative ways to reach a huge audience. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing fall in this to drive high volumes of quality traffic that can convert through brand engagement in the long run.

If inbound marketing is your workhorse, then consider direct marketing as your racehorse too to produce an instant response. Things like calls to action in online or broadcast media fit in this spectrum. Direct marketing allows you to instantly measure success or failure based on response rates. If you’re reaching out to prospects and saying “buy from me” then this is an outbound marketing tactic e.g. sales calls, print ads, broadcast ads, door-to-door sales and much more. Another tactic in limelight is Social Media Marketing via popular social media platforms. Twitter, Linkedin, and marketing on others, etc. fall into this category

Each of these components has its own scope and understanding them all can help you find your way out of the marketing madness. Let’s delve into the second component of our marketing programming definition.

Computer Programming

Also known as coding, it is the art of making a computer perform what you want it to perform. It is done via a sequence of instructions to perform a specified task for a computer a.k.a. Program. A computer is a hardware that requires instructions to execute upon. Programming is all about solving a problem using the computer as we cannot do it on our own at the speed & accuracy with which a computer can.

Let’s take a simple example of calculating the sum of all even numbers from 1 to 1,000,000. This is not something that a human being cannot do, but the time that is required to calculate, the possibility of making a mistake at some point of time, amount of resources required if we use a pen and a paper or a calculating machine, and other similar reasons make this an undesirable option. But through computer programming, we can achieve this in less than 5 minutes. Put in simple words, it is all about is telling a computer what to do. Though it seems to be pretty simple, it’s very complicated.

We do not want you to be a passive business entrepreneur. That is why we have specifically furnished this post for “Marketing Programming Definition” so that you can make the best by using a blend of both domains. Solutions Player offer Software Development and Digital Marketing Courses in Islamabad.

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Top viewed Digital Marketing Tactics 2019

Whenever it comes down to top viewed digital marketing tactics 2019 you’ll need to focus on the following tactics.

Top Digital Marketing Tactics 2019 in limelight:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Perhaps the most vital tactic is SEO though true Google’s algorithms can still become confusing. But you should have an expert to manage SEO to truly succeed. The most recent requirements are mobile friendly, accessible and secure sites.

Search Engine Marketing 

You’ll want an expert of Google Ads to make the most from this top viewed digital marketing tactics 2019.  Google let you choose whether you want graphic display ads, YouTube video ads, text-based search ads, or in-app mobile ads, localized ad capability as per your business context and requirement.

Local Search Marketing 

The key is  for a local businesses realize the value in being found by local consumers.  Through Google My Business, your listing turn up the instant someone does a Google search based on the user’s keywords. Your business will be appearing on Google Maps by implementing this prominent and top viewed digital marketing tactics 2019.

Responsive Web Design 

The key here is to make your website in conformity with all mobile screens. AMP (or Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a key in this spectrum to mobile web pages load faster.

Social Media Marketing 

You’ll have to curate some content that adds luster to your expertise and brand so that they’ll likely share. You can hire an influence or act like an influence by yourself in terms of your domain on all popular social media channels to make the most from this top viewed digital marketing tactics 2019.


Another aspect to tap prospects who didn’t respond to your site’s banner ads the first time. This key here is to track these visitors through cookies and creating new ads on related sites to better target your prospects. The information you get from of your visitors via website will be enough to tweak your ads to their pain points.

These are some from the best and top viewed digital marketing tactics 2019 which are currently followed by top SEO experts like Solutions Player with spirit.

Characteristics of a Top Marketing Company in Islamabad

Following are some of the features that should be inhibited by a top marketing company in Islamabad.


It refers to the fact that the firm should distinguish b/w public and confidential especially those of clients. This is a key factor in building credentials and trust for a client. When a top marketing company in Islamabad is clear about the data sharing or publicity or access to information then this means one can opt for it.

Integrated Business Process

Some marketing firms are generalists where folks have to play their role as per requirements and comprise multitude of skills. However a top marketing company in Islamabad should own specialists instead of jack of all trades. This also means that their processes will be integrated e.g. SEO professionals will be in sync with both writers and graphic designers to bring a more composite and sound solution instead of just playing their own part and leave things for good. This also gives opportunity to writers and graphic designers to create a SEO friendly content and add to their own portfolio too.

Man of words

A top marketing company in Islamabad should act like a man of words e.g. deliver as per their statement. There is a hell of difference between planning and execution. Anybody can plan but professionals execute too. A top marketing company in Islamabad always display its executions in the form of portfolio. Do not forget to check it before.

Consistently Evolves

Marketing especially in this digital age in a digital form means changes. Professionals of a top marketing company in Islamabad always stay abreast with the changes in their industry. In fact they are so adaptable that they never hesitate to give feedback to clients and address their queries. They employ topnotch tools of the trade, technologies and frameworks of the day to compete for their dominance.

Do what they are capable of

Trustworthy and top marketing company in Islamabad always do what they are meant to be. They should be selective in terms of their projects or assigned work. This should not be considered as an oblivion but a good trait of a firm that they can distinguish the work. A top marketing company in Islamabad should be focused, specific and selective.

Accountability and Report

An authentic and credible firm from any domain always report and consider itself as accountable to justify client’s money. Verbal discussions meant nothing. Everything related to a project should always be documented and put into order. The trend of data and web analytics has further eased processes in this spectrum.

These are the characteristics of a top marketing company in Islamabad. We always abide by too. Follow us as your preferred Marketing Company in Islamabad.