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Umrah Software for travel agency: What is it?

Umrah software for travel agency is a full online booking system designed to deliver comprehensive travel management services for agencies and independent tour operators.

It is a network that provides a combined list of extensive hotel booking engines-transfer, air, car rental, transfer, excursion, custom packages, dynamic packages, and a range of other tourism activities.

Every season, Umrah business travel agencies are looking for ways to manage hundreds of clients in a smooth & easy way. But it’s not always that convenient.

Traditional approaches can only lead to more difficult work, whereas modern solutions can save lives.

In this context, Umrah software for travel agency is developed by Solution Players to give you a relaxing & helping hand. Our simple and useful software, especially for Umrah, is ready to meet all the requirements of travel agencies.

We’re offering end-to-end tech solutions for the Umrah travel agency. We believe that the new technology enhances all effective and modern travel agencies.

The traditional approach to resource management is no longer working.

We’re here to digitally transform your enterprise.

Travel agencies now constantly expect technology to be the agent of change and expect us to build ideas-driven strategies.

General features of Umrah software for travel agency:

We share with you only a few features that we think would be of interest to you among the packages that come with the Software that have features beyond your expectations;

  • Tour Planning
  • Customer care
  • Visa – Passport
  • Online customer registration & collection
  • Bank online payment integration
  • Human resources
  • Accounting (Profit loss calculator, cost status)

Umrah software for travel agency is completely integrated with the reservation system to develop, book, manage, integrate and distribute multiple travel products (flights, vehicles, hotels, activities & packages) from a single mid-office system. The system is offered as a service and the system standard allows customers to easily incorporate product offerings depending on the customer’s business requirements.

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Web Development Wizard

Many people who want to earn online believe that all they need to do is to put and advertise a web site online. That couldn’t be the reality. The fact is developing an online business empire takes a great deal of time, brainstorming and effort. It also takes a lot of composure, and a personal dedication. You should be a web development wizard.
There is a lot to learn if you want to be a successful web development wizard, and you will be having a lot of hurdles on the way. However, if you’re truly sincere about your business and you really want to evolve, you will overcome all those obstacles as a true web development wizard.
The most important part is the amount of time you are willing to dedicate in this spectrum. Please do consider this point because it can make or break. Learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a must if you want to be a web development wizard, however, if you are tired of reading how-to guides written in jargons by someone who has no real idea about the industry, and then we recommend you to follow web development courses offered not only by a credible training institute but a top firm for web development in Islamabad Pakistan.
Please don’t take it wrong, if you’re a true web development wizard and you’re designing either personal or a commercial web site, then benefit from professional web development courses under supervision of a true web developer instead of a mere trainer.
Being a web development wizard means you will reign online systems. You can even scrap and make use of web data for your business benefit. Proficiency in it also means you can create online games, web apps, advertising channels, e-commerce websites or any other online presence or business. A web development wizard should be a good web programmer. He should know both front end and back end web technologies.

Check our link for Web Development in Islamabad and see how being a true web development wizard of the premises we have managed to accomplish.

JavaScript Evolution History

When you look around the web development of modern day, one language that seems to be rocking is JavaScript. JavaScript has gained a lot of significance over the years, despite facing various stumbling blocks it has gone on to become the most popular language in the world today. For this reason, I am interested in the JavaScript evolution history. The crests, troughs and its strength. Let’s have a look.

JavaScript Evolution History

Pre-JavaScript Era

Before the mid1990s, the web was not much into a limelight. HTML was the major mean of web development. However in 1995, the National Center of Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) made advancements when they released the world’s first popular NCSA Mosaic Web Browser.

To challenge this, Marc Andreessen brought into another web browser called Mosaic Netscape and renamed it into Netscape Navigator.


For Marc Andreessen the web wasn’t complete yet. According to him, the web needed a “glue language”. For this, Netscape joined hands with Sun’s Microsystems the developer of programming language called Java. The “glue language” was not related to Java, except a bit of similarity in syntax. In a quest for prototype Brendan Eich who was employed in May 1995 created a language was called Mocha which later in September 1995 was evolved to LiveScript. The final name in December 1995 at the 3rd beta release was changed to JavaScript.

It should be known that Sun’s and Netscape had already gone into an agreement earlier to avoid any copyright issues. The name JavaScript however did accelerate the language feed on the popularity of the Java programming language too.

Netscape put JavaScript to the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) for standardization in 1995.

The JavaScript evolution history brought Microsoft too in 1996 who developed a JavaScript implementation in the form of ASP and Dot NET on the Internet Information Services (IIS) web server and termed it Jscript which was a reverse engineered implementation of Netscape’s JavaScript.

Later after two years after passing JavaScript to ECMA, the first standard version of JavaScript, the ECMAScript 1 was released in June 1997.

For programmers it was difficult developing websites for both the Netscape Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. So the quest started for developing cross platform websites.

Later that year, the adoption of JavaScript further increased after Jesse James Garrett’s paper was released where he described the technologies JavaScript supported as the core for the web, introducing the term Ajax as a way of building modern web apps.

Later it evolved to today’s JavaScript with client-side being powered by it. JavaScript evolution history is not completed without referring its frameworks. The most popular framework of it is being jQuery to help developers build sophisticated web pages. Now Node JS is regarded as one of the most powerful server-side development technologies in the world with push the prominence of Single Page Applications, Angular JS, Knockout, Meteor, React giving JavaScript more popularity.


JavaScript evolution history points that the language has really come a long way from a mere prototype written in just 10 days to the most used scripting language in the world and it’s continuing to blossom and getting better.

Web Development Trends 2018

With the digital age and increasing globalization, the year is welcoming new trends in web development. This year has witnessed the digital selling one the rise up to 25% and is expected to boom further in future coming years. Web Developer Trends 2018 means the rise of e-Commerce and online purchasing.

The year 2018 has been the year of change and empowerment that focused developing the user experiences engaging and attractive. The websites are also now set to be accessed through multiple devices.

The Vue JS:

One of the most popular and convenient web development trends 2018 is to make use of this simple API. The trend provides a breathing space to professionals from top web developing companies Islamabad.

Advancement in JavaScript:

The JS programming is on the rise in coming years due to incorporation of simple coding and easy concepts. The trend is to drive small functioned programs.

Real Time Web Applications:

Real-time web applications are now replacing server side web technologies and has aptly synchronized with JavaScript. The concept of progressive web apps is that chrome programming can put the app on the home screen of the user’s smartphone.

Smartphone Web Advancement:

Users of smartphones are growing day by day. The average number of smart phone usage comprising net surfing is increased up to 85%. It is important implement the simple web application so that more users can find it easy and engaging and surf with via smartphone.

Material Design:

Google’s Material design is also on the rise in advance browsers.

Compatible Extensions:

You will find compatible browser-extensions for the following year.

Mobile Application Development:

80% of internet users as mentioned before are using smart phones. This means that android application development, iOS application development and hybrid mobile apps developments are in precedence.

New frameworks, design trends, user expectations, and mobile developments are evolving the way the web development occurs every day. After knowing these web development trends 2018 one can denounce the fact of the rise in real time apps with material design as blend following by top Web Development Companies Islamabad.

Good UX Design Principles 2018

The implementations may vary, but these good UX design principles 2018 form the basis of all great user experience designs. The core is to make each user feel like the website they’re visiting is customized specifically for them. To accomplish this, you need to know who your audience is before website development. From there, you should tone your web content in lieu with your valuable users.  Web Designers with caliber have an advantage here, in that most users have common online behaviors. Once you’ve figured out what those behaviors are, you can customize your website design to their specific needs. In this post we’ll take a look at good UX design principles 2018 on which great UX stands.


The Five Seconds Rule

Visitors should be able to get what your site is offering within the first five seconds of landing on your homepage. This is the average time users take to build a first impression and decide whether it’s has worthy content or not. To engage and retain viewers, a landing page must clearly convey its purpose, what content is offering and a call to action.

Initial Steps

Most website traffic comes from search engines or link building, rather than from users who have information about your URL. As a result, users are likely to land on your website with a specific purpose. Your site should address this purpose by providing engaging, relevant and valuable information.

It’s also possible that viewers who are directed to your site from another source via inbound link will land on a deeper page of your website. Therefore, all website pages requires site architecture which clearly communicate what information is presented there to avoid high bounce rates.

Minimal Design

The design should be clean, sleek and minimal. If any page element doesn’t need to be there, then do not use it. In terms of copy, communicating key information in fewer words is more beneficial than offering long bodies of text forcing users to skim. Avoid cluttering and keep decorative, fancy elements at minimum. The idea here is to limit distractions for users so that they can find with ease what they’re looking for.

Consistent Design

Keep design uniform across pages so users can easily find information. Consistent design means your users can navigate your site quickly and effectively.

 Structured Content

Finally a good UX design principle is that information you put on your website is classified and grouped into pages in a logical manner. Within each page, you’ll also need to organize key information above the fold so that users will never miss it.

These are some from the good UX design principles 2018 followed by top Web Developers in Islamabad as part of their standard practice.

Choosing Best Web Application Development Services in Islamabad

It is a fact that choosing best web application development services in Islamabad can be a tricky job. If you visit Google and simply surf, you will be bombarded with plenty of options in SERPs. To begin with you may scroll each option, check out the portfolios and start filtering your search. But, the fact is that you will only get a partial information about the value that they can offer to your business.

What are the questions that you should ask any of the web application development services in Islamabad before acquiring services?

Following are some points to ponder in this spectrum.

The overall cost of the project
Decide whether you want to do on project tasks basis or on hourly basis. If you have a limited budget amount then you require a web application development services in Islamabad who can complete everything smoothly without any kind of hidden charges. But for this you should have a clear idea about the completion cost in advance and mutual agreement over it.

The time factor for completion
You may come across a number of limitations and restrictions during the project. So get an estimated timeline from the web application development services in Islamabad for the project.

SEO and content strategy as offers
A number of web application development services in Islamabad does not included these essential services. We advise you to hire that one which is offering these services in parallel.

The cost should be inclusive of all services
Check whether web application development services in Islamabad quoted price is all inclusive of the services.

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These are some of the points that should be taken into consideration while Choosing Best Web Application Development Services in Islamabad.

Magento Web Development Services in Islamabad

The internet is the foundation of e-commerce. Anyone who wishes to sell their products online should have an online shop designed with great features and beautiful looks in order to attract customers. Magento is a highly robust, secure, flexible and extensible e-commerce platform available today. So, if you want an exquisite online store of this age, you can always seek services of a top Magento web development services in Islamabad and get the best store designed.

Magento is already one of the most search engine optimization-friendly e-commerce platforms. As an e-commerce platform it is gaining quite some ground worldwide. Almost all e-commerce merchants consider it as their preferred choice for online stores. It can be easily customized with various extensions to meet organizational requirements. Acquiring a top Magento web development services in Islamabad is a key to attain success in the shortest possible time frame. It is suitable for both big and small e-commerce stores. Today Magento powers some of the most popular brands online.

Magento is a free open source development platform and so customization is very convenient. It also offers developers with the ability to customize and create new features as per the specifications and business requirements. Ready extensions are also available for businesses to download and install on the go. Other than this, you can add custom features specially tailored to suit your requirements. But, the key is to choose the best Magento web development services in Islamabad that can design the perfect online shopping site suitable for your business.

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If you are not comfortable with setting up the infrastructure and require assistance with it, you can easily select an offshore or outsourcing company. You can hire offshore developers at affordable rates. The most important thing you have to keep in mind while selecting a development company is that quality is not a compromise. Quality is a vital factor that should be considered because your online store is going to be the core of your business where all the revenue comes from. There are many methods to verify the quality of the company that you select for your web development project. Firstly, check the credibility and repute of Magento web development services in Islamabad. Also, check the experience. Make sure you ask for a portfolio in order to get a better idea of the type of work that this company does. Experience is also an important factor that decides the quality of service you will get. You can get feedback by checking online reviews from clients who already sought that very Top Magento Web Development Services in Islamabad which you are looking forward to hire for.

Web Application Development Jobs in Pakistan: Making life easier

Websites these days are handling most of our work, saving us the essential time and effort. Things which took us hours and days to complete can now be done in just a wink of an eye. Thanks to the various web application developments that are being introduced regularly. These applications are being incorporated into the websites making them more user friendly and efficient. There are several examples of how web application development jobs in Pakistan are making life easier if maximum is employed by top Web Application Development Services Islamabad.

Let’s take the example of communication for instance, with the help of web applications it is now possible not only to chat Online, but also to conduct video conferences where you can both view and talk to people from across the globe. You can connect as many people you wish to your video conference and speak with them at ease. This is the blessing of web application development jobs in Pakistan.

At the same time, Web Application Development Services Islamabad have introduced e-commerce portals and services that have made shopping online easy and secured. They have connected websites to your bank that allow easy transaction of money while you are buying Online. The concept of e-commerce has flourished only because of the advanced web application development that happened behind the scenes. These applications are so advanced and technologically supreme that they allow easy interaction between the website owners and the customers and ensure safe deals, that can be maintained for years.

(The author posted his last article with the title Device Mobile App Development: A take from top Mobile Application Development Islamabad on Medium)

Maintaining a website is now much easier than what it was a few years ago. A unique web application developed by Web Application Development Services Islamabad  is the CMS, better known as the content management system, that ensure fast and efficient management of website content. Now uploading fresh content in your website is an easy task which will take only a few clicks and a few minutes.  More over you can also administer the content of your website and keep a check on what is being uploaded or removed by the different users with access to edit your website. Hence adding more to the proof of how web application development jobs in Pakistan are making life easier. One of the mechanism that studies the progress of your Internet marketing campaigns be it web analytics or email marketing are also part of your web application development that make the job of monitoring the progress of the campaigns easier and accurate. These are just a few examples of how web application development jobs in Pakistan have helped make life easier and more efficient today provided if sought by top Web Application Development Services Islamabad. This is just the beginning, the future of web application is going to be brighter and much advanced than what common man can think of.

Top Reasons: How CMS benefits your business

Top Reasons: How CMS benefits your business

For the last decade Content Management Systems (CMS) have gained profound prominence in web development because of the numerous benefits associated with it. If you as an entrepreneur are planning to launch your first website and targeting a potential audience then developing a CMS is fruitful to grow your business.

You should consider yourself as a fortunate doing business in these modern times because earlier, business entrepreneurs struggled to make use of static web pages and uploading them directly to web servers. With the advent of CMS, all things are now automated such as developing a workflow, access controls, user identification and authorization etc. Let’s take a little snap of what a Content Management System is?

What is a Content Management System?

Content Management System (CMS) is an application which facilitates its administrator (users, authors with privileges) in order to manage, edit, archive, create, publish and distribute content without having any web development or web programming knowledge.

Why CMS is vital for business?

Following are the top reasons that proved why CMS Development is vital for the growth of any online business.


Developing an online website from scratch without using CMS means lot of working hours in front of computer screen, deciding among different layouts and themes, wasting precious time on resolving or trouble shooting a single aspect or another and not a properly finished product in the end. However, by using CMS, you can easily build pages and sites through drag drops in no time and effectively publishing content without searching for any specific code or visual styling on the internet. This will eventually lead to faster and efficient updating of web content e.g. text, images, videos, Infographics than developing website from scratch.


Nowadays web applications are accessed through variety of platforms and on the go with the advent of smartphones, phablets and gadgets. The top web development firms are now developing responsive web designs in this spectrum. Content Management Systems adds more to the aspects like friendly navigation, readability, web accessibility to make your website responsive and create a better user experience.


The top CMS are built using open source tools and technologies which mean no cost associated with vendor based technologies for developing and maintenance of your online web portal. Also developing from scratch requires a dedicated programmer or coding expert so eventually you can save some bucks as with CMS, you don’t require to hire, pay and rely on a web developer to complete job for you since you can author and update all the website content on your own.

Improvised SEO

CMS allows helps business owners to develop a content marketing strategy and employ the best of SEO techniques. CMS features meta-descriptions, keywords, title inductions inside web content etc. plus viewing analytics like leads, sales, and web traffic, acquisition channels. It also boosts SEO ranking by orchestrating link building, adding keyword tags and taking care of comments, excerpts, likes, forums etc.

Ease of Access and Control

CMS has not only centralized web content by storing into a single repository which eliminates redundancy and develop a proper workflow engine for content creation, editing, approval etc. for even multiple content authors. It even enhances security features and gives control to only authorized users to access your business content.


Perhaps the best from all benefits why you choose CMS for your business is its flexibility to customize and add only essential features as per context of your business. Your online business portal or e-commerce doesn’t have to undergo a whole new makeover every time while adding new functionality or visual layout.


Content Management System, as we have analyzed can give business owners the all possibilities which can come handy to effectively build and manage any kind of business web portal, be it for start-up, small enterprise or an enterprise level organization.

Top Web Design Trends in 2018

As we used to spend more and more time on the World Wide Web, keeping updated with the latest trends of web becomes a must for both ordinary users and web designers.

In this article, we will see how web graphic trends are evolving with time and how technology is transforming our current user experience design.

Trend for Bold Typography blended with Clean Layouts

In 2018 web graphic designers will be taking mobile users into consideration while designing for web. Web pages load time can be reduced to bare minimum by employing cleaner and minimal layouts instead of complex or flashy UI elements. Bold and Catchy headlines and calls to action can be generated by making best use of negative space. No more 3D and animation aspects will be taken into account until or unless required as per context.

Sticky Elements and Menu on to the Bottom

Hamburger menus are though in trend, but many web designers are now switching to tab-based navigations on web page bottom. This is due to the fact that majority of folks are getting used to bottom navigation icons on their gadgets and tablets. Users will follow sticky call to action elements during page scrolls, which will increase chances of conversions.

Modular Layouts and Grids

Modular layouts are already in limelight. Web Designers take advantage of them to structure web content elements e.g. text, visuals in a quest to create a theme or story in harmony. With a trend towards geometric shapes too websites in 2018 will also take into account mosaic grids and chaotic card layouts. Many web designs will comprise irregular yet mobile-friendly geometrical shapes and patterns.

Lengthy Content Forms

Current Search Engine Optimization incorporates website designs “below the fold” so no more issues for inducting lengthy content forms.

The Smart Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs)

No more love for JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs due to slowness of webpages download time associated with these formats. SVGs are best alternatives as image quality is not compromised even on scaling to a mobile screen.

Increased Exposure via Gradients

Photo merging by placing one monochrome image on top of another, along with colored shades the gradients phenomenon will again hit webpages.

Sketchy Designing

As Illustrations and icons also load fast and add more to the flair to web graphic design we will see some artwork and sketches this year in web design.

These are some of the trendsetters that top web designers will take advantage of this year to make the most of user design experiences for engaging users and generating sales.