AMP Web Development in Islamabad

Let’s discuss the need for AMP Web Development in Islamabad. If you analyze the web traffic of the past few years for all great websites, you will find that there is one thing in common, and that is the rise in the number of visitors from mobile devices. There is no ambiguity that mobile computing has changed the way people consume online content and, so forth, developed a trend to build websites for mobile audiences. As a result their is a need for AMP web development services.

As a Firm for AMP Web Development in Islamabad for building a mobile audience

Creating “mobile-friendly websites” has been a trend for many years. Responsive web design is one approach on this spectrum. However, there is another approach, and that is AMP web development. From Google, “AMP” is an open standard to create sites that load more quickly on mobile devices. It is not akin to responsive web design. Though responsive web design offers a bit of flexibility as you can create one page that automatically responds to a wide range of devices and screen sizes, from mobile phones to tablets to laptops, desktops, and beyond. The key here is to focus on all devices and user experiences, not just mobile.

On the contrary, as a firm for AMP Web Development in Islamabad, we focus on purely optimization of mobile performance, especially mobile speed and instant rendering of web content. There are aspects like lazy loading,” pre-fetching resources, async JavaScript, placing inline style sheets, no downloadable fonts, resource prioritization,” etc.

Another key difference between AMP and responsive web design is that responsive design is rarely “added on” to an existing site. On the contrary, AMP can be added to an existing site. In fact, it can even be added to an existing responsive site.

Responsive web design or accelerated mobile pages (AMP)?

It is subject to your specific requirements. We, as a top AMP Web Development company in Islamabad, can use the blend of it. This means delivering your site responsively but using AMP on select sections or pages that may be most suited to that style of development. We can work out the best hybrid solution for you.

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