Top Islamabad Software House Jobs

Let’s discuss some top high-paying Islamabad software house jobs. The ones which you can aim for to raise your pay and give your career a boost.

Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

As per Glassdoor, the average salary for an ML Engineer is around 70K in Pakistan. Many big techs like Google and Microsoft are preferring ML specialists to support the latest innovations e.g. a self-driving car. To be honest it is a perfect synergy of research and programming in parallel.

Data Scientist

Another much-hyped highest-paying Islamabad software house job is of a Data Scientist. The average salary of a Data scientist also lies around the same bracket as that of an ML Engineer. Python programming and statistics skills are basic requirements to become a Data Scientist.

Mobile Application Developer

Still, in limelight and one of the most lucrative jobs, the mobile application development job requires Java/Kotlin for Android and Swift, C/C++ for iOS app development as primary skills. The advantage of this sort of development is that you can develop your business on the go.

Web Application Development: The most common among Islamabad Software House Jobs

And now there comes a job that requires the best of Html, CSS, JavaScript, and Php Programming skills. Now back with the latest frameworks like Angular, React, Laravel, etc. web developers are also earning like professionals from other top-paying occupations.

Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketers are also in demand for every business. SEO, PPC, and Facebook Advertising skills are required at the bare minimum to become a digital marketing professional. The development stack gives you product only. The digital marketers, SEO specialists, Facebook Advertisers market both your business products and services. So these jobs go hand in hand alongside other top Islamabad software house jobs.

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